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Video Compares the Size of Many Famous Spacehips



The great thing about sci-fi is that there really are no rules in terms of scale and scope. So long as there is a reasonable enough explanation, anything can be created. Hell, who even needs a reasonable explanation when something is just fucking badass to look at? That’s how I feel many people look at the spaceships they create for a film/game/series/whatever. Sprinkle in enough reality to make the fantasy palpable and run with it.

But how big do some of these ships actually get? That’s what the below video aims to answer. Starting with the size of an average human, it goes step-by-step through various iconic spaceships, such as the “City Destroyer Invasion Mothership” from Independence Day and the “Mass Relay” from Mass Effect, increasing size with each ship until it gets to one that’s beyond massive. Like, it’s so big that it’d engulf pretty much our entire sky depending on its position.

Obviously, several ships from different films, such as Alien and Event Horizon have been omitted but this still runs through enough examples to really drill in how massive some of these vehicles really are. how do the creators even justify the size of some of these? Or is this the space version of driving a Hummer?