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Pyramid Head’s “Great Knife” Comes to Life!



I absolutely love watching “Man At Arms: Reforged“. Seeing those guys take pop culture blades and knife-life weapons and bring them to life is stunning, not only because of how cool it is but also because of how fascinating it is to see skilled tradesmen perform their craft.

For their latest episode, the crew over at Baltimore Knife & Sword have ventured into the foggy town of Silent Hill (specifically Homecoming) and created Pyramid Head’s “Great Knife”, the gigantic blade that he drags around behind him.

It’s an awesome sight to behold as they create it to scale and make sure not to leave any details out. If I saw someone wielding this puppy coming after me, I’d run. Well, I’d probably speed walk because no one is going fast lugging that thing around, but you get my point.