That Time "SNL" Spoofed 'Aliens' With Sigourney Weaver! - Bloody Disgusting
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That Time “SNL” Spoofed ‘Aliens’ With Sigourney Weaver!



Today we head back to 1986 for the Season 12 premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” which featured Aliens star Sigourney Weaver as the guest host.

With the film taking the box office my storm, the “SNL” spoofed Aliens with their own hilariously titled “Alienses” in which the crew accidentally kill E.T. and attempt to cover it up.

Dana Carvey does a hilarious impersonation of Bill Paxton’s “Private Hudson,” while we also get to see Phil Hartman’s take on Michael Biehn’s “Corporal Hicks,” Dennis Miller in Lance Henriksen’s android role, Bishop, with Jon Lovitz as Paul Reiser’s corporate goon, “Burke”.

The part that had be cracking up is when Weaver randomly decides to take off her clothes…

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