Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Wrote His Own 'Kong: Skull Island' Honest Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Wrote His Own ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Honest Trailer



“It’s a movie that takes some of our best and most talented actors and gives them nothing resembling an arc.”

When director Jordan Vogt-Roberts fired a shot at CinemaSins and their “Everything Wrong With…” videos last month, he made it clear that his issue isn’t with critics saying negative things about his movies. Rather, he’s simply had enough of the kind of baseless, overly negative criticism that has one purpose and one purpose only: CLICKS.

Showing that he’s got a good sense of humor about the flaws of Kong: Skull Island, Vogt-Roberts teamed up with Screen Junkies for their Honest Trailer for the film. The video, just released today, gives Kong: Skull Island the traditional Honest Trailers treatment, but it also features a version written by Vogt-Roberts himself!

Vogt-Roberts primarily rips on the characters, specifically the fact that there are so many of them and very few get the chance to do, well, much of anything at all.

Hey, he’s not wrong. But we loved Kong: Skull Island all the same!