[Video] Learn How to Make Your Own Terrifying Pennywise Cake - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Learn How to Make Your Own Terrifying Pennywise Cake



Are you eating IT… or is IT eating you?

Maybe the most incredible thing about Andy Muschietti’s IT is that the film managed to take an already iconic horror villain and make him even MORE iconic. Actor Bill Skarsgård’s iteration of Pennywise the killer clown is vastly different than Tim Curry’s, proving that it is possible to totally reinvent an existing character.

Fan art for the new IT has been flooding the internet in the wake of the film being released into theaters (and shattering box office records), but this latest bit of fan art is a whole lot different than the rest.

Why, you ask? Because it’s an actual, 100% edible Pennywise cake!

Made by Koalipops, this tasty and terrifying treat was meticulously 3D-carved out of a moist red velvet cake and then detailed with fondant and food coloring.

I was going to serve this cake at a party. I made him scarier because I wanted to concentrate on all the attributes that I fear. So now I don’t even want to serve this cake. Now I gotta kill this stupid clown,” jokes artist JK Denim in the video, before massacring (and then eating) his creepy creation.

Want to make your own? Watch the tutorial video below!