New "Creating Pennywise" Featurette Includes Behind the Scenes 'IT' Footage - Bloody Disgusting
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New “Creating Pennywise” Featurette Includes Behind the Scenes ‘IT’ Footage



“I wanted to create something unsettling. This feeling that you never know what’s gonna happen when the clown’s around.”

To say that director Andy Muschietti and actor Bill Skarsgård did justice to Pennywise with this year’s IT would probably be a massive understatement. Skarsgård’s Pennywise is both deeply terrifying and instantly iconic in his own right; dare I say, the new Pennywise is one of the coolest movie monsters we’ve seen since the ’80s.

In this new featurette video just uploaded today, Muschietti, Skarsgård and other members of the cast and crew talk about the creation of the new Pennywise, who was kept away from the young stars in an effort to elicit a natural reaction of terror from them the first time they come face to face with the killer clown.

I was so freaked out,” recalled Finn Wolfhard.

The featurette video contains behind the scenes footage of Skarsgård on set as Pennywise, which is a real treat ahead of the forthcoming home video release.