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[Exclusive Insight] George Romero Almost Made Marvel Superhero Movie ‘Copperhead’!



In the early 1980s, before Day of the Dead, Romero’s career almost went in a completely different direction…

It’s no secret that George A. Romero *almost* made more movies than he actually did end up making, but did you know that he was at one point attached to direct a Marvel Comics superhero movie? In fact, Romero was the director hired to helm the very first Marvel movie, back in the early ’80s!

The character he was tasked with bringing to life? Copperhead.

We’ve just been hooked up with an exclusive clip from forthcoming docu-series Untold Horror, all about projects that horror’s great masters *almost* made, and it provides in-depth details on Romero’s Copperhead that you’ve definitely never heard before.

Romero himself described the unmade film to the Untold Horror team as “Transformers meets RoboCop,” while concept artist Bob Layton revealed the general approach.

It was a post-apocalyptic world… populated by cyborgs, ninjas, mad scientists… this movie had everything,” Layton said of Romero’s script. “At one point in the midst of a battle, Copperhead picks up a horse and throws it at somebody. That’s what hooked me when I read the script.”

Check out the exclusive Untold Horror clip below to learn more!

Untold Horror, the Canadian docu-miniseries created by former Rue Morgue magazine editor-in-chief Dave Alexander and writer/producer Mark Pollesel, has entered into an exclusive partnership with The Wolper Organization to represent and further develop the show. Executive Producer Mark Wolper will work in collaboration with Executive Producers Tim Sullivan (2001 Maniacs) of New Rebellion Entertainment, Garo Setian of Hungry Monster Entertainment and Allen Copeland.

Envisioned by host/writer/producer Alexander along with Pollesl (with additional partners director/producer Bob Barrett and editor/animator/producer Kevin Burke), Untold Horror will explore the greatest horror tales almost told, uncovering the fascinating stories behind these stillborn films – as told by the genre legends who tried to get them made – revealing truths about the often tortured relationship between art and commerce, and what it might take to bring some of them back from the dead.

Said Wolper, “Some of our favorite filmmakers give blood, sweat, tears and even years of their lives to projects that ultimately fail to launch. What happened to David Cronenberg’s Frankenstein? The dozens of George A. Romero projects announced over the years that disappeared? Why couldn’t the combined powers of Guillermo del Toro, James Cameron and Tom Cruise create At the Mountains of Madness? Has there ever been an unmade film with more talent attached to it than John Landis’ Creature From the Black Lagoon remake?

Added Sullivan, “Fans want to know about these passion projects. You can learn just as much about your favorite filmmakers by what they didn’t make, as what they did bring to screen. We aim to resurrect the best unmade horror films in a variety of mediums: films, graphic novels, poster shows, books, podcasts, even live table readings.

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