You Need to Watch These Super Gory 'Elm Street' and 'Chainsaw' Animated Fan Films - Bloody Disgusting
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You Need to Watch These Super Gory ‘Elm Street’ and ‘Chainsaw’ Animated Fan Films



These do more justice to the franchises than many of the actual films.

Fan Sonny Fernandez has been doing something pretty awesome over on his YouTube channel for the last couple years. Under the banner Down Twisted Shorts, Sonny has been making, in his own words, “insanely dark and twisted short animated films,” and they’ve damn sure been living up to that promise.

The shorts, which usually run right around 10-mins, are sometimes original and other times based on Sonny’s favorite franchises, the tones of which he captures wonderfully.

Sometimes I’ll tackle an icon, like Freddy or Jason; each time I do one of these guys I try to stay true to the aesthetic of the films,” Sonny explained to us. “If you watch my Elm Street short you’ll see it follows the surreal/dreamlike nature of the movies. While my Texas Chainsaw Massacre short just plain goes for the throat.”

In Sonny’s A Nightmare on Elm Street animated fan film, a young woman travels through Freddy’s nightmare world on a quest to free the young souls he’s been feeding off of. The animation may be crude but it’s Sonny’s vision that shines through, evoking the spirit of the Elm Street films for a crazy tale that goes for broke.

As for Sonny’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre short, it indeed goes for the throat, packed with insane gore that should satiate the blood lust of all the franchise’s fans.

If you dig these, head over to Sonny’s YouTube channel for more!