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[Video] WWE Spoofed ‘SAW’ Last Night!



We’re pretty sure WWE just… killed two wrestlers?!

The goofiest segment on Tuesday night’s SmackDown Live the last several months has been “Fashion Files,” a weekly show-within-the-show wherein tag team “Breezango” (Tyler Breeze and Fandango) get up to all manner of hijinks as the most dim-witted detectives this side of Frank Drebin.

“Fashion Files” often spoofs popular shows from the past and present, including “The X-Files” and “Twin Peaks,” but Breeze and Fandango took a trip to the movies last night.

More specifically, they found themselves starring in their own horror movie.

On SmackDown Live last night, the segment “Fashion Files: Sawed” spoofed the hit horror franchise, with Breeze, Fandango and fellow tag team wrestlers The Ascension waking up on a bathroom floor, their legs shackled to the wall. A Jigsaw-like character appeared on an iPod, telling them they had 1-minute to find the key before a deadly gas filled the room.

The spoof came 13 years late, but hey, the Saw franchise *is* relevant again this year!