U.S. Department of Defense Shares Compelling UFO Video Filmed in 2004 - Bloody Disgusting
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U.S. Department of Defense Shares Compelling UFO Video Filmed in 2004



We may not be alone…

Countless people have told stories of spotting Unidentified Flying Objects in the sky, many even sharing photos and video footage to back up their claims. But how seriously does the U.S. Department of Defense look into these matters? As it turns out, they’ve spent millions of dollars trying to protect us from possible extraterrestrials.

As reported by CNN, the Department of Defense only recently acknowledged the existence of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, specifically designed to look into reports of unidentified flying objects. Funding for the program was pulled in 2012, but the Department of Defense has now shared compelling footage shot in ’04.

In the video, a Navy pilot flies over a UFO, which he describes as looking like a “40-foot-long Tic Tac.” The pilot remarks in the video, observing the unknown aircraft, “There’s a whole fleet of them… my gosh. They’re all going against the wind. Look at that thing! It’s rotating.

Former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo led the now-defunct program, and he believes that what was caught on video was indeed an alien spacecraft not from this world.

My personal belief is that there is very compelling evidence that we may not be alone,” he says, speaking about the program’s discoveries. “We found a lot. These aircraft — we’ll call them aircraft — are displaying characteristics that are not currently within the US inventory nor in any foreign inventory that we are aware of. Things that don’t have any obvious flight services, any obvious forms of propulsion, and maneuvering in ways that include extreme maneuverability beyond, I would submit, the healthy G-forces of a human or anything biological.”

Below you can watch the mysterious footage for yourself.