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‘IT’ Gets the “Honest Trailers” Treatment



Starring the kid from Stranger Things… in glasses.”

If you’re asking me, Andy Muschietti’s IT was not only the best horror film of 2017, but it’s also one of the best horror films ever made. It’s (no pun intended) got everything you could ask for from a horror movie, giving the proper justice to an epic Stephen King story that deserved better than the 1990 adaptation – as much as we all may love it!

Personally speaking, I have nothing bad to say about IT, but the guys over on Screen Junkies offer up some amusing critiques in their just-released Honest Trailers video.

The “Honest Trailer” for IT calls out the lack of character development for Mike and Stanley, as well as the relative monotony of the scares; but even Screen Junkies admits in the end that Muschietti made a damn fine film. They call it “an enjoyable movie adaptation of a popular TV adaptation of a creepy book… that managed to out-creep Tim Curry and wisely punted the boring adult stuff that no one remembers to the sequel.”