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[Kill of the Week] Eyeballs Bashed Out in ‘Midnight Meat Train’



Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

While Sam Raimi is great at making horror movies, his brother Ted Raimi is great at dying in them. Sam’s younger brother was killed in films ranging from 1989’s Intruder to 2004’s The Grudge, as well as in Evil Dead II, Shocker, Wishmaster and My Name is Bruce. Ted Raimi’s most memorable death scene? That was in The Midnight Meat Train.

Released in 2008, the Ryuhei Kitamura-directed Clive Barker adaptation starred a pre-Hangover Bradley Cooper as Leon, a photographer whose desire to step outside his comfort zone leads him right into the lair of Mahogany, a brutal serial killer played by Vinnie Jones. Mahogany, it turns out, has been killing subway passengers for years.

The Midnight Meat Train is without question one of the very best Clive Barker adaptations, and it’s home to some of the most insanely over the top brutality in the last 10 years; watching the brutish Jones massacre his way through NYC subway passengers is like watching the version of Jason Takes Manhattan we never actually got.

Granted, a whole lot of CGI was used to bring the film’s gruesome violence to the screen, but it totally works as a stylized celebration of gratuitous excess. Midnight Meat Train‘s violence is wonderfully executed in a comic book style, and Ted Raimi gets it particularly bad when Mahogany slams a meat-pounder into the back of his head.

His eyes goes flying out of his skull. As for his friends, well, Mahogany smashes one directly in the face with the same mallet. The other is completely decapitated.