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The ‘Venom’ Trailer Teases Symbiote Origins



Before becoming the symbiote known as Venom, there was Eddie Brock, a young journalist who is humiliated by Spider-Man. While he began his comic run as a villain, he’s since taken many forms, including the hero. In Columbia Pictures’ Venom adaptation, Tom Hardy stars as Brock, who not only becomes the title character, but must also (allegedly) face Carnage, an even more powerful symbiote, as well as several evil spawn. Zombieland‘s Ruben Fleisher directs the Spider-Man spinoff, which now has the first ever “teaser” trailer.

The footage doesn’t reveal Venom, but we get a long, hard look at Hardy’s Brock. One of my biggest problems with The Dark Knight Rises is the portrayal of Bane – if you’re going to cast one of the best actors on the planet, why would you cover up his face for the entire movie? Here, we get a long, hard look at Hardy’s performance and know that we’ll be seeing him quite a bit in Venom. As for the character’s origins, it’s clear that he’s down on his luck (possibly fired?) and somehow comes into contact with the alien symbiote. We see a large crash in the woods, which indicates that’s where the symbiote comes from (in the comics, Spider-Man brings it down from space after the Secret Wars). There’s a shot of the symbiote in a canister and a scientist looking over it, which could mean one of two things – after the crash, are there two symbiotes or just the one that binds with Brock? And what of Dr. Carlton Drake, the Life Foundation employee who was able to surmise that the Venom symbiote contained five more “seeds” (Agony, Lasher, Riot, Phage, and Scream), and subsequently extracts them? While the symbiote came from space, we still need to know how it all comes into play. Digressing, there’s not much going on, but here’s the teaser. What do you guys think of it?

Written by David Michelinie and drawn by Mark Bagley, as well as Ron Lim and Sam Delarosa, the movie is inspired by “Venom: Lethal Protector”, a six-episode limited series that notably reinvented Venom from a Spider-Man villain to a Marvel Comics anti-hero. In it, Venom moves from New York City to San Francisco after coming to an agreement with his former foe Spider-Man. (IGN)

As for “Planet of the Symbiotes”, another inspiration, Eddie Brock’s relationship is with his symbiote and the influence it has on him is explored. Also written by Michelinie, “Planet of the Symbiotes” follows Venom fighting an army of symbiotes with the help of Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider.

Tom Hardy stars as the title antihero alongside Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, Michelle Williams, and Jenny Slate.

Venom hits theaters on Oct. 5, 2018, through Columbia Pictures.

Update: Changed headline to more accurately reflect what’s shown in the teaser.