Can We Interest You in a Slice of 'Cloverfield Paradox' Worm Cake? - Bloody Disgusting
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Can We Interest You in a Slice of ‘Cloverfield Paradox’ Worm Cake?



What? You know you want to eat one of those gummy worms.

If you’ve seen The Cloverfield Paradox, you know that there’s a particularly nasty scene involving worms. At one point in the film, a collection of space worms go missing. Later, in a gross-out moment no doubt inspired by the Alien chestburster scene, we learn that the worms are literally *inside* one of the characters. He vomits them out. It’s gross.

During the scoring process, composer Bear McCreary (“The Walking Dead”) had a cake whipped up that was inspired by that worm scene, which the cast and crew chowed down on while McCreary worked his magic. We know this because McCreary just shared a fun video, in promotion of the score’s release, that highlights the twisted cake.

Check it out and grab the Cloverfield Paradox score from iTunes, Amazon or Spotify!