[Kill of the Week] Gymnast Gets Completely Wrecked in 'Final Destination 5' - Bloody Disgusting
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Every week, we spotlight a kill that we just can’t get enough of. This is Kill of the Week.

Out of all the big slasher franchises, Final Destination is arguably the most inventive, centered not on a masked maniac but rather the unseen force of Death itself. After a group of characters survive a horrifying freak disaster, Death hunts them down one-by-one to restore the natural order of things, offing them in increasingly complex (and brutal) ways.

The franchise allowed us to see every character in the movies get brutally killed not just once but twice, each in two different ways – now that’s how you give us what we want!

My personal favorite installment in the franchise? Surprisingly, that’d be Final Destination 5, which served as both a celebration of the entire franchise and the perfect end-cap to it all, while also being a covert prequel to the original film. From the INSANE opening disaster sequence right to the final twist, FD5 was a *perfect* Final Destination film.

Final Destination 5 also has some of the franchise’s best death scenes, as well as what is easily the very best one out of all five films. In fact, the death of an unlucky gymnast is one of the cruelest and hardest-to-watch kills you’ll likely ever find in a horror movie.

Not only does the scene seriously deliver in the gore department, with the gymnast slamming down onto her neck, her body literally folding in half and shattering bones through flesh, but it’s also wonderfully suspenseful. Several minutes are spent building up the kill and making you wonder how she’s going to die, subverting expectations along the way.

Now THIS is how you do a Final Destination death scene.


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