What In God's Name Is Happening On Next Week's "Ash vs. Evil Dead"?! - Bloody Disgusting
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What In God’s Name Is Happening On Next Week’s “Ash vs. Evil Dead”?!



Starz just shared the official promo for next week’s episode of “Ash vs. Evil Dead” and it’s a doozy. While this past Sunday’s premiere was jam-packed with surprises, the weeks ahead look manic.

The biggest shocker revealed in this trailer is that Ruby gives birth to a new form of evil, while also disguising herself to form a bond with Brandy. Kelly returns with a friend who is leading the search for The Prophesized One to defeat The Dark Ones once and for all, while Ash realizes evil is out to get his daughter. There’s also a sequence with a dismembered arm that looks reminiscent of the classic hand scene in Evil Dead II.

Will this baby grow up to be…Ash?


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