[Exclusive Video] Make Your Own D.I.Y. 'Alien' FaceHugger Mask for "Alien Day"! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Exclusive Video] Make Your Own D.I.Y. ‘Alien’ FaceHugger Mask for “Alien Day”!



Believe it or not, this mask was made primarily out of tin foil.

We’re super excited to announce today that we’ve partnered with insanely talented makeup artist Jessica Parker for a series of makeup tutorial videos that’ll see Jessica turning herself into all kinds of crazy cool monsters. In the first of hopefully a long line of collab videos, Jessica doesn’t necessarily become a monster… she gets attacked by one.

Since today is Alien Day, a celebration of the Alien franchise, Jessica whipped up a makeup tutorial video for us wherein she hand-makes a FaceHugger mask using unexpected materials like tin foil, tape, flour and cotton balls. What Jessica’s able to do with simple household items perfectly highlights why we’re so excited to work with her.

Enjoy. And happy Alien Day!

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