[Video] Here's How the Most Hardcore Fan Would Fix the 'Cloverfield' Franchise - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Here’s How the Most Hardcore Fan Would Fix the ‘Cloverfield’ Franchise



To date, there have been three installments in the Cloverfield Universe: Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane and this year’s The Cloverfield Paradox. How do they all connect? Well, essentially, they all take place in completely different timelines and universes, with the events of Paradox unleashing the monsters seen in the previous films.

Or something like that. I think? I guess it makes at least a little sense… right?

We don’t really know where the franchise is going from here, but J.J Abrams did recently note that Overlord is actually not, as we had been assuming, part of it. That being said, Abrams promises that a “proper” sequel to Cloverfield is in the works; we assume this means a film that’s actually built from the ground up to be part of that world.

At this point, it’s all super confusing and hard to follow, and even the most hardcore fans of the franchise are starting to lose interest in the wake of the underwhelming Cloverfield Paradox. One of those fans, perhaps the franchise’s biggest, is YouTube’s Inside a Mind, who has been making wonderfully in-depth Cloverfield videos for years now.

In his latest video, he outlines his own idea for fixing the Cloverfield Universe. He explains his concept, which is largely derived from the various Cloverfield ARG materials…

“Every fictional movie tells a story in an alternate universe to ours. But once that world is created we only see it from the perspective of one group of characters. So my idea for the Cloverfield franchise is to create an alternate world to ours, but have each film tell a different story with a different set of characters that all take place in the same world from each other.”

Watch the video to learn more about his master plan…


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