“Preacher” Featurette Teases a Family Reunion in Angelville - Bloody Disgusting
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“Preacher” Featurette Teases a Family Reunion in Angelville



AMC’s bloody drama Preacher returns for 10 episodes on Sunday, June 24 at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

While several new characters have already been revealed, this newest featurette also touches on Jesse’s family in Angelville that includes Betty Buckley as “Gran’ma” and Jeremy Childs as “Jody”.

Gran’ma is spiritist with true powers, who can cast spells and even bring back the dead (for a price). Pay the fee or pay with your soul to feed Gran’ma’s thirst for eternal youth. She is weathered, tough, and mean, but also intelligent beyond measure. She’s Jesse’s only living family and she loves him.

Jody is massive and intimidating, Jody emanates danger. He’s the enforcer for Gran’ma and the only man Jesse’s never beaten in a fight. He’s nobody’s fool, and not someone to cross.


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