[Video] Watch 'Return of the Living Dead' Recreated in 'GTA Online' - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Watch ‘Return of the Living Dead’ Recreated in ‘GTA Online’



There’s plenty of invention in the GTA community, and a common source of that is when creators dabble in recreating movie trailers within the game’s city of Lost Santos.

YouTube creator gigerbrick (David B Vann) has plenty of experience with this, but rather than recreate the latest blockbuster trailers, David makes GTA-based trailers for cult film and horror fare instead, and his latest creation sees him reanimate the Return of the Living Dead in an impressive trailer.

The trailer was made with the help of other community members using GTA Online footage edited together in an attempt to go beat-for-beat with an original trailer for 1985 zombie classic Return of the Living Dead. The players involved all customized their GTA Online characters to look like the cast of the film, and mods help fill in the blanks

The Tar Man makes an appearance thanks to a modded character skin, and Steven Ogg (The Walking Dead) sort of has a small cameo as GTA V‘s Trevor playing a cop.

In addition to this trailer recreation, gigerbrick has previously completed similar projects for The Thing, Death Race 2000, Cobra, and Death Wish 3.



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