[Video] Relive the Epic Opening Credits Sequence for 'Halloween' 2018, In Its Entirety! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Video] Relive the Epic Opening Credits Sequence for ‘Halloween’ 2018, In Its Entirety!



How’s this for a Halloween Eve treat?

There is SO MUCH to love about David Gordon Green’s Halloween, and one of my single favorite aspects of the film is its opening credits sequence, which just makes it *feel* like a direct continuation of John Carpenter’s original classic. Featuring Carpenter’s iconic theme, the opening credits pay tribute to the ’78 film’s opening credits, but with a “reborn” twist.

In Halloween 2018’s opening credits, the iconic jack-o’lantern from the original film is quite literally reborn, pitch perfectly personifying everything this year’s sequel stands for. At the start, the pumpkin is squashed and dead, much like the original franchise was prior to this year, but as the credits play out, the classic ’78 jack-o’lantern slowly returns to its former glory.

The new credits sequence was designed by the Greenhaus GFX team, featuring the work of artists Bruce Schluter & Jared Fujikuni and creative designer Helen Greene.

Via Greenhaus’s website, you can relive the sequence right here, right now!

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