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The inSane Sequels Are In Our Hands

Guillermo Del Toro (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth) is working on a brand new IP for THQ, an action/horror series with the uncomfortably innercapped title of inSane. Unlike most new IPs that tend to start off modestly before gaining an audience and expanding, THQ and Toro have big plans for this new franchise as it’s been planned as a trilogy. Speaking at GDC this week, THQ’s Danny Bilson clarified a bit by saying “If the first game doesn’t work, there won’t be a trilogy. It’s not complicated.”

That makes sense. Like every other series out there, the future of it will depend on the level of interest gamers have in the game. Bilson continued by saying “We have to succeed on the first one. And then we have to succeed on the second one! And then you can make the third one. It’s not really that arrogant, if you will, to plan a trilogy because we’re very realistic.” The first inSane is still a ways off, roughly two years actually, but with someone like Guillermo Del Toro behind it and the Lovecraftian flavor, there’s great potential for this to become an incredible new horror franchise. In case you missed our previous coverage of the game, you should definitely check out inSane’s very first teaser revealed at the Spike VGAs last year.

[News Via Joystiq]



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