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New ‘Pumpkinhead’ Comic Series Arriving in February 2018

Keep away from Pumpkinhead. Unless you’re tired of living.

We learned back in July that Dynamite Entertainment is bringing back Pumpkinhead for a brand new comic book series, and we’ve got some more details for ya today.

The original comics, being penned by Cullen Bunn, will tell brand new stories that expand upon the rich mythology present in Stan Winston’s directorial debut.

I watched Pumpkinhead on opening night in a little two-screen movie theater outside Berkeley Mall in Goldsboro, North Carolina. To say it helped cement my love of horror (and, in particular, ‘rural horror’, which I write a lot of these days) would be an understatement,” Bunn said in a statement. “I can recite the poem from memory. I even play the soundtrack while writing my own stories. The pacing, the eeriness of the setting, the interplay of weird light and shadow. These are all elements I hope to capture in the comic. As a longtime fan of horror, I hold this movie in high regard, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be contributing to the backwoods mythos of Haggis and Bunt Wallace and the Demon of Vengeance his own self.”

Look for Dynamite to resurrect Pumpkinhead in February 2018.

Check out an early promotional photo for the new series below.

Meanwhile, we’re still waiting for more news on the forthcoming reboot of the Pumpkinhead franchise, first reported last summer. Peter Block, one of the executive producers of the Saw franchise, obtained the rights and grabbed Nate Atkins to pen the script, though we have no way of knowing what’s going on with all that at the moment.



  • Didn’t the original mention that, besides Pumpkinhead being the demon of vengeance, there is a demon for every purpose/emotion? I’m surprised they still haven’t explored that lore. I’d like the see some of Pumkinhead’s counter-part demons.

    • Saturn

      It might be kinda cool to tie it in with the Hellraiser universe in some way, as we know that the Cenobites are only one faction of “demons” in that particular universe.
      I know it wouldn’t be easy, due to rights issues and all that, but it could be possible in the comic book world.

      Hopefully the reboot will be decent and give the franchise the kick in the arse it needs after the awesome original, and the boresome sequels……

      • A Hellraiser crossover could be cool (the comics and novels have already connected it to Harry D’Amour, Clive Barker’s Weaveworld, and Marshall Law).

        I’m still trying to figure out why the Pumpkinhead sequels still haven’t explored the lore established in the first movie. We’ve already seen Pumpkinhead, the demon of revenge. I would like to see some of the other demons that were mentioned to exist. Maybe there’s a demon for justice, a demon for protection, a demon for utter spite/malediction, a demon for deliverance, ETC. I mean, who/what are the other demons and why haven’t we seen any of them after four films?

        • PetCactus

          The sequels haven’t explored anything because that would be a risk and require thinking/imagination.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Pumpkinhead is one of my favorites, but so far every movie/comic continuation has been forgettable at best to absolute shit at worst

  • Grimphantom

    Can’t wait! It’s been along time since Dark Horse mysteriously stop making comics. I do hope the art is good, aside of the story the art is an important key, i do hope it looks creepy and the atmosphere fits with what the movie had shown.

  • PetCactus

    I’m all over this.

  • The One and Only

    According to the co-writer, creator of Gary Gerani , there’s a whole Dark Pantheon of Demons like Pumpkinhead. Six others to be exact. Each one representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Old Pumpkinhead representing vengeance. He had tried when IDW was putting out DINOSAURS ATTACK ! to get a new PUMPKINHEAD series made, but talks fell through. A little more here.>

    • I mentioned that in my comment. It’s dumb that none of the sequels delved into that lore, despite it being established in the first film.

  • turk

    Assuming Kelly Jones is only the cover artist, who is drawing the interiors?

  • Necro

    Although I’m not the biggest comic book guy I’m really glad to see ‘Pumpkinhead’ getting recognition again! As far as a possible/potential reboot of the franchise I really hope it’s not a CGI ‘Pumpkinhead’! If a reboot would ever get done.

  • Werewolf


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