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5 Horror Headlines I Want to See From E3 2014

The year’s biggest gaming event is now less than a month away. E3 always brings with it a slew of exciting headlines for all types of gamers, and like every year I’ll be covering it live, from a dark room where I plan on embracing every gamer stereotype imaginable as I live off energy drinks and little sleep. If my coverage turns to rambling somewhere between June 10-12, just know that I do this for you.

Last year, Sony dominated the convention, and Microsoft, with their one, two, three, four punch that was the PS4’s official unveiling. Microsoft is arguably in a much better place this year with its upcoming $399 Xbox One (sans Kinect) and a more focused “games first” direction, thanks to the new head of Xbox, Phil Spencer.

Oh, and Nintendo has decided to eschew all of the E3 chicanery in favor of a more direct, digital event, which I think is an absolutely terribad idea, but I’ll save that for another feature. For now, let’s focus on a few things I would love to see come out of 2014’s biggest gaming convention: E3 2014.

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