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Which Horror Slasher Are You?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all at one point or another fantasized about offing a few people here and there. It’s a completely healthy, expected behavior that just happens every once in a while. I mean, hasn’t science stated this? …Guys?

But if you were to do it, what kind of iconic horror slasher would you model yourself after? Well, that’s this week’s quiz! Below you can figure out which slasher you are. I got Jason Voorhees, which I’m rather okay with!

Take the quiz and let us know who you got!

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  • J Jett

    cool! i’m Jason Vorhees!! i always thought Jason V was based on my life story! lol.

    • Khy

      LOL We’re twins! I got Jason too

      • J Jett

        Khy, EXACTLY!! πŸ™‚

      • Angela M Campany

        Got him tooo !!! Triplets !!

  • I’m also Jason Voorhees and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Pretty much true if someone trespasses into my territory, I have to smack them off. He’s also my favorite horror villain.

  • Bobby Jones

    Pinhead, so much for answering honestly.

  • I got Jason but if it were my own choice it would either be Michael (the ultimate boogeyman) or Ghostface (I love the simplicity of the getup and the horror movie trivia).

  • Tavaris M Johnson

    Got Micheal Myers and it’s damn near spot

  • Jonny_anonymous

    Pinhead and it’s pretty accurate.

  • Thomas

    Hit it with Freddy Krueger and they are right πŸ˜€

  • Ltg1998

    I’m Voorhees! πŸ˜€

  • lion7718


  • Khy

    Got Jason! Hell yeah!

  • Bouncy X

    i wanted Freddy and got him woo! these things usually have obvious answers where you can pretty much choose the result you want based on the answers. so i love that i got the one i wanted without cheating. lol

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Micheal Myers, the description described me so well LOL

  • N1ghtmar3Freak

    Jason! Woot! Scary how accurate the description was..

  • Lyle Chip Chipperson

    I hate to be a debby downer here but quizzes like this are retarded. How the hell can they attribute what type of food you prefer to being like one of those killers? I don’t remember the part of the Halloween series where Michael Myers sat down and ate a hotdog.

    • You’re not a debby downer. I had my 8 year old nephew take the quiz after me (I’ve gotten him and his 6 year old brother into horror) and he kept asking me what some of these questions had to do with anything. And Michael did eat a dog, it just wasn’t one in a bun!

      • Lyle Chip Chipperson

        tttsssss I got a fawking great one. You are like Uncle Paul or sumthin. fawking homerun chippah!

        • Adam Sulouff

          Hey chippah wanna play monster rain with me? FRRRRUNKIS

    • J Jett

      Lyle, not to sound like a jerk but do you (or anyone) REALLY take these quizzes seriously?! they are just fun stupid games. relax, unclench and just have fun with them.

      • Lyle Chip Chipperson

        tttsssss I made this fawking game

        • J Jett

          Lyle, then what the fuck are you talking about in your initial comment?

          • Lyle Chip Chipperson

            my muder used to also say “Chippah what are you talking about? Lamar’s trying to help me fix the bed.” But they were also on the bed they said was broken and I was like “that don’t make no cense.”

  • Matts787

    Who in their right mind would say Freddy? Guy was a god damn child rapist.

    • Adam Clifton

      why be a troll for? Nobody here considers the 2010 Freddy to be anything but a bad dream (pun intended). Robert Englund’s Freddy was not a child rapist and that’s the only one that matters

      • Matt Williamson

        “You’re mouth says no no, but my body says yes yes” – Robert Englund Freddy to an underage girl.. yes he was just wasn’t focused on as heavily

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Pinhead! Perfect.

  • Jeff

    Got Jason! Love him!!

  • anthonyd1

    Michael Myers. Knew I would get my favorite horror movie slasher of all time

  • REC03

    i got Jason but i hate the outdoors. i did have a period that i wore a bag over my head however.

  • Eric Swartz

    Wow thanks for sharing my quiz!!! πŸ˜€

    • JonathanBarkan

      It’s a good quiz to share!

  • Noah

    I got Jason!!!.Jason is my favorite.I love Michael Myers too!.Michael is my second favorite!.

  • The-Boogeyman

    Got Jason. I love me some Jason but would have been flattered with something else.

  • Adam Clifton

    I got Jason too

  • Evan3

    Chalk up another Freddy in waiting here.

  • Spence33

    lol Got Freddy.

  • I am Jason Voorhees :/ Never liked that icon!!!

  • James Allard

    Michael Myers… pity, I was shooting for Dr. Lector.

  • joesey

    Sweet I got Freddy but none of those tv shows are worth picking they’re all fucken awful.

  • Ress EZ

    So I’m Jason Voohees. It is clear to me now. Now it’s time to dress up and start the killings…..

  • schrrodingersdog

    Pinhead – though he isn’t classed as a slasher IMO

  • Koreginald

    Michael Meyers πŸ™‚ He’s my favorite. Time to relentless try to kill my sister. (But I don’t have a sister…hmmm.)

  • Jake

    Sweet i am Jason Voorhees

  • Gabbi Cordero

    Freddy, all the way. Ghost Face is a close second. Pinhead IS NOT a slasher.

  • Trevor Kampfl

    I got my favorite. Michael Myers. Even his name sounds cool.

  • boaaa82 .

    im jason which would be my 2nd pick i wanted to be myers;/ its all good jason fucks shit up any ways ;P

  • dfskelleton

    Freddy. Not really surprised there.

  • Lee Nolan

    Michael Myers, WHOO HOO!!!

  • brewers_rule

    Jason Voorhees, makes sense. Although I wish the favorite toy question would’ve included He-Man action figurines.

  • Steve

    I got Jason Voorhees ? Why because I’m 6’8″ and 290 lbs and play hockey ! Lol I was hoping to be more like Michael Myers ….

  • Steve

    I redid the test and became Michael Myers . Now that’s more like it ! Wooooooooooooo …

  • ThunderDragoon

    I got Jason, too. Damn, I wanted Michael. XD

  • Psymon Bites

    Pinhead!!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • John Huckleberry

    Apparently I’m Freddy. I prefer pinhead and Mike, but this seems like the right fit.

  • Andre Gouvea

    I got Pinhead!! Sweet!

  • c-s-a78

    im happy with that!

  • Yanksfan2010

    This is a win win with whomever you get

  • Stephanie Hubbard

    I got Michael Myers…

  • L Wolf Mackenzie

    Jason Voorhees
    You are Jason Voorhees. You enjoy nature and the outdoors, and have a love for the arts. Some may consider you the strong, silent type. You wish for peace, but when someone trespasses on your territory you may just have to kill them in the most creative and original way possible.

  • So Jason then. I could think of some tasteless questions that would have identified you as Freddy….

  • Joe Orum

    Pinhead. Enough said…

  • Primeus

    I got Michael Myers which is fitting since John Carpenter’s Halloween is my favorite movie of all time!

  • Charlie Kelly

    I got Pinhead. This discussion is over. I win

  • Michael Justice

    I got freddy Krueger

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