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Why Are You In Silent Hill?

In my restless dreams, I see that town… Silent Hill…

Easily one of the most iconic locations in horror, Silent Hill is a town full of terror and beauty, horror and introspection, light and darkness. It’s a place that has bewitched many, luring them in with its mournful call.

But if you found yourself in that ashy town, what would be the reason for your visit? That’s what this week’s quiz tackles! So, strap yourself in for a 20-question quiz that will tell you why you found yourself wandering the terrifying streets of Silent Hill!

I got “Suppressed Memories”, which results in this explanation:

The last thing you remember is being wheeled into an ambulance…?
After the ambulance crashes, you climb out of the wreckage and emerge in a different world, ashes catching in your hair. For what feels like an exhausting forever, you battle against monsters so personally terrifying it chills the very core of your mind. You ask yourself, “What did I do to deserve this?”

After falling from grace in your community (unpopular opinion? crime? who can tell…), you became depressed. But something in your mind clicked into a different place. Just when it got to be at its worst, you invented a paradise to escape into. While your body was locked away in a mental hospital, your mind wandered about daily life as it was when you loved yourself. Silent Hill has shown you this. But will you use the tools that may help you reclaim your sanity, or will you choose to believe in a world that no longer exists for you?

Head on down and make sure to let us know why you wound up in this town!

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  • J Jett

    apparently i “KILLED MY LOVER”. lol. 🙂

    • Vicente Garcia

      I killed my lover too! Great minds…

      • J Jett

        Vicente, SO TRUE! 🙂

  • Martin Cann

    Wrong place, wrong time, huh? Does that make me John McClane then?

  • Megaonan


  • John Palermo

    Suppressed Memories

  • Fluke97

    Revenge Killing

    • James Allard


  • Taboo

    Wrong Place, Wrong Time

    You’ve never been particularly daring. You have hobbies, you work, you
    sleep, you wake up and do it all over again. But a bizarre twist of fate
    lands you in the midst of a confusing and shocking situation. There’s a
    bustle about your hometown of Silent Hill, and it’s not from the
    citizens. There’s someone new in town, and they want your help.
    Help or hinder: the choice is yours.

    • Gattski

      Same here.

  • Tony Naive Westenra


  • alliedcola

    Revenge killing

  • Victor

    Wrong Place, Wrong Time.

  • AEmilius Resurrection


  • Sick_skwerl

    Revenge Killing

  • ThunderDragoon

    Whoa, this one was deep! I like it. I got Called by the Order.

  • Raiden Riff Raff McFly

    “Killed your Lover” Muahaha

    • Ha nice prof pic Raiden!

      • Raiden Riff Raff McFly

        Oh thanks Shang. Yours is pretty dope too!

  • Conduit – interesting, very interesting!

  • LordAlaster

    The order

  • LordAlaster

    Called by the Order
    Something called you here. You felt it in your bones, woke up whispering it in your sleep; your mind wandered to it during every pause of silence. Perhaps against your better judgement, you resolve. You’ll go to this place, this “Silent Hill.” Tourist trap #1, right? What could be the harm? You take off for the weekend, needing a break; nobody knows where you’re going or when you’ll be back.
    But something’s not right. The town is different, strange, even nightmarishly terrible. Black forms wiggle about in the corner of your vision, but when you expect them to disappear before your gaze, they only become all too real. Why is this happening to you, you ask?
    The Order’s sigil is inherent to you. It’s second nature. Like a dog knows its mother’s scent, you know this symbol. But how?
    As it turns out, your lineage is doused in members of the Order, Silent Hill’s native cult. Adoption sent you away from your hometown, away from your duties and your heritage. And now, the gods call you back. Will you take your rightful place in the ranks of the Order, or will you fight tooth and nail for the life you’ve built for yourself?

  • Popescu Horia

    Suicide…meh,it is kinda true

  • Most depressing quiz ever on bd.

  • “Wrong place, wrong time”. I must be very boring.


    Called by The Order

  • FullFrontalReprisal

    Called by the Order.

  • Conduit! Your motives are defined. Your purpose is clear. Your life is simple.Silent Hill is as much a part of you as you are a part of it. Born of the town, you’ll die in the town.
    The flow of the town guides you. You are magnetized by its wishes, its commands. No history, no past. Only Silent Hill courses through your veins, and you will not– cannot– rest until its deeds are done. Sounds like me!

  • Christensen

    Suppressed Memories!

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