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Why Are You In Silent Hill?

In my restless dreams, I see that town… Silent Hill…

Easily one of the most iconic locations in horror, Silent Hill is a town full of terror and beauty, horror and introspection, light and darkness. It’s a place that has bewitched many, luring them in with its mournful call.

But if you found yourself in that ashy town, what would be the reason for your visit? That’s what this week’s quiz tackles! So, strap yourself in for a 20-question quiz that will tell you why you found yourself wandering the terrifying streets of Silent Hill!

I got “Suppressed Memories”, which results in this explanation:

The last thing you remember is being wheeled into an ambulance…?
After the ambulance crashes, you climb out of the wreckage and emerge in a different world, ashes catching in your hair. For what feels like an exhausting forever, you battle against monsters so personally terrifying it chills the very core of your mind. You ask yourself, “What did I do to deserve this?”

After falling from grace in your community (unpopular opinion? crime? who can tell…), you became depressed. But something in your mind clicked into a different place. Just when it got to be at its worst, you invented a paradise to escape into. While your body was locked away in a mental hospital, your mind wandered about daily life as it was when you loved yourself. Silent Hill has shown you this. But will you use the tools that may help you reclaim your sanity, or will you choose to believe in a world that no longer exists for you?

Head on down and make sure to let us know why you wound up in this town!

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