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Here’s How “The Walking Dead” Could Actually Keep Carl Alive

Here’s How “The Walking Dead” Could Actually Keep Carl Alive

He’s not dead yet. And that leaves us with some questions.

At the very end of this past Sunday night’s mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” (Season 8), we were left with something of a cliffhanger. Carl revealed to Rick, and to us, that he had sustained a zombie bite to his stomach, suggesting that it’s only a matter of time before Carl is either a) put down, or b) starts getting *really* hungry.

But what’s interesting is that Carl hasn’t actually died yet. Couple that with showrunner Scott M. Gimple’s coy comments on “Talking Dead” immediately after the episode aired – Gimple skirted around the issue of whether or not Carl is actually going to die, even if he did seem to suggest that Carl’s days are indeed numbered – and you wouldn’t be too out of line to posit that maybe, just maybe, the show is pulling a fast one on us.

After all, Glenn’s infamous dumpster incident made it clear that AMC is not above resorting to pretty sleazy tactics as a means of getting us talking and tuning in.

Granted, actor Chandler Riggs’ father has publicly proclaimed that his son was “fired” from the series, thus why he was killed off, but let’s have a little fun here, shall we?

There are a few conceivable ways that Carl could live…


According to “The Walking Dead” creator Robert Kirkman, it’s not actually a bite from a walker that turns a human into a walker, but rather the infection (or blood loss) that results from that bite. As we learned back in Season 2, every human being left alive on the planet is already infected, meaning that anyone who dies – no matter the circumstances – comes back to life as a zombie. So it’s not the bite that’s been turning characters such as Deanna, for example; rather, she died as a result of an infection from the bite, and in death she became a zombie.

So then, armed with this information, is it so hard to believe that Carl will somehow survive infection from the bite itself, therefore not dying and not becoming a walker?

All Scott Gimple really said on “Talking Dead” this past Sunday night is that “the bite will play out the way bites play out on the show,” which is a pretty coy way of speaking about the Carl shocker that certainly leaves room to line up with this particular theory. Carl will become infected by the bite (as he clearly already is), as we’ve seen bites affect characters on the show in the past, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the bite will actually kill him… now does it?


Another theory suggests that Carl Grimes is one of any number of humans left alive who is actually immune to the zombie virus, but this particular theory operates under the assumption that it’s the bite itself that infects the bitten with said virus. If Carl is indeed immune, sure, he wouldn’t become a zombie after he dies from the bite, which would certainly be an interesting twist for the show – a twist that could perhaps lead to a cure that would put an end to the walkers altogether.

But given the rules of the series, Carl would still die from the infection caused by the bite in this scenario, which shoots a big hole through it as a means of keeping Carl alive.


Again, a cure for the virus inside every living human being wouldn’t actually save Carl’s life, so there’s no sense exploring this theory in relation to his survival.


The wackiest theory about this one, just for fun, is that when Carl was bitten by what we assume was a walker back in Episode 6, he actually wasn’t bitten by a walker at all.

This theory is that Carl was bitten by a Whisperer, a clan – not yet introduced within the series – of survivors who cloak themselves in zombie skins as a means of blending in and avoiding detection by the walkers. An amusing theory, if nothing more, but if you go back and watch the moment where Carl is bitten in Episode 6, it was clearly at the hands of an actual walker.

So. Yeah.

What do you think? Is Carl going to die? If not, how will they keep him alive?



  • MacReady

    Great put a HUGE SPOILER in the title and picture of your post. Nice work guys. Real nice work.

    • Josh Blitzenbrox Myers

      Yeah, i’d already been spoiled earlier before reading this but I have to agree. That was quite the DICK MOVE John Squires

      There are a lot more considerate ways you could have handled this

    • zombie84_41

      not much of a spoiler when its been posted around the internet for weeks upon weeks and even before that people knew what were going to happen. And nothing even happens anyways. If they said carl got shot in the head and devoured by zombies then I would be pissed too. he got a stupid little bite mark which they actually showed on AMC’s FB page before this ep.

  • Dennis Giles

    Being honest here..”I don’t give a fuck” !!
    Bitten,or not ,this shows script writers should be sacked ! Including that smug twat Gimple !
    Moving us onto to the “Whisperers” …too much flack eh Gimple ? Pull the rug and slide another under us ??
    I know I can quit watching this show..But I always have this hope it may rise again.
    As it stands..Carl’s role is simply a distraction as to what is really happening… NOTHING !

    • zombie84_41

      Same I’m sick of these assholes on here and on other sites where they are like why don’t you just stop watching it then why do you bitch and moan. I bitch and moan for a reason because this show seriously has the worst fuckin writers in the history of writing, the producers are morons too. I stay with the show hoping oneday it will be amazing again. All I wish and hope for is like season 5

  • Brandon

    “Hell, he died of infection.” – Rango

  • le4therfac3

    think it’s safe to say he’s a goner. chandler riggs’s dad was pissed off for a reason. pathetically, i may add.

    • IWC-3PO

      Losing his meal ticket.

  • Andrew Salisbury

    yes, Carl is going to die, no point grasping at straws and coming up with stupid theories

    • zombie84_41

      Well knowing this lame ass show they will be like oh hey look here’s a cure and cure him.

  • IWC-3PO

    Maybe he’ll turn into a Deadite.

    • Bobby Jones

      Carl vs Walking Dead

    • zombie84_41

      That be something I would love to see

  • Daucus Karota

    Why is it so unacceptable that people could die in the zombie apocalypse?

    • Necro

      Three things this show seems to NOT understand:

      1) It’s a zombie apocalypse
      2) The slogan for this season is based on all out war, and the last I checked adults, teenagers, & children usually die!
      3) They still have 5 main characters alive since season one (‘Rick, Carl, Carol, Darryl, & Morgan’)

      Very good question Daucus!

    • Dennis Giles

      Did he just die ?

  • OhShitI’mOnFire!

    thanks for ruining the mid season ending you d*cks

    • zombie84_41

      lol you weren’t missing much

  • zombie84_41

    If they don’t kill him I’ll hate the show even more then I hate it now.

  • Simon Allen

    Please just let him die …..i’m sick of the little dick anyway .
    And just WOW I can’t believe how often your headlines are giving out spoilers like Christmas treats lately .

  • The chicken man

    Lol. The most disgruntled people always show up in TWD comment sections. It’s almost more entertaining than the show.

  • The Night King

    Don’t panic TWD fans, there are still plenty of characters left to bore the shit out of you every week.

  • Nefferson Taveira

    I really believe some people could be imune to the infection that comes from the bite, or at least stronger than the infection itself. But that person be actually Carl after a mediocre cliffhanger is just cheating the audience – in a really bad and stupid way. But, again, they already done this kind of shit before, so… I wouldn’t be surprised.

  • chuck

    Either way this show is over for a lot of people, if they are Glenn Dumpstering us then fuck you, if they are killing him then also fuck right off.

    I am inclined to believe that he is gone from the show, he said he has one more episode that is All Carl and that’s all he filmed.

    At least the guys over at the Bald Move podcast are going to slog thru the rest of the season, I will just listen to their recaps and not give AMC my eyes.


    These are plausible theories, but they pretty much have to kill him at this point. It would be too much of a plot-armor headfake if they have him survive. I think viewers would feel like the show put one over on them, and it would lose a lot of credibility in the process. I could mention Glenn, but at least that was only a short-lived reprieve.

    You get bit, you die. That’s how it’s always been and should continue to be. If they want to introduce immunity or a cure or what have you, that’s fine, but don’t do it through one of the most major characters. That’s just too convenient.

  • Pete Moss

    Corall wasn’t bitten by a Z. It was Carol that bit him. No lie.
    What happened was Corall was not able to score with any of the chicks around him, so he started looking at his options. He figured certainly an old woman wouldn’t turn him down. But sure enough, Carol turned him down and said he wasn’t man enough for the job. Corall was drunk and kept hitting on Carol. She kept pushing him away, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So finally, she bit him to shoo him away.

    If you see when he’s revealing his bite marks, he’s kind of looking real sheepish about it thinking he hopes everyone thinks he was bitten by a Z. He thought how embarrassing it would be if people found out he was hitting on an old woman.

    • blackie_chan


  • Pete Moss

    Daryl is who will die in the next episode. That’s why they allowed Reedus to have his own pretty boy show, pretending to be a motorcyclist. They show Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Reedus as
    friends, so as to quell angst from viewers around Daryl’s death, possibly at the hands of Negan, or at least on his orders. Daryl might be getting popped in the skull or endure a head bashing. I’d like to see Negan bash his head in.

    You’ll have lonely housewives and 12 year old girls crying themselves to sleep for a month after this. People, get a clue! It’s not a documentary. It’s just a stoopid TV show.

  • Pete Moss

    How lame the last episode was! Negan and Rick in the same room. Negan starts bashing Rick, then stops to go into a speech. What’s wrong with you? Why stop?? Finish that clown off! He should have kept bashing Rick’s head with Lucille, until all that was left was a pile of goo on the floor. Negan, you’re slacking brother!

    • Brian

      He stopped because they can stretch this “Negan” storyline for another 3 seasons and fanboys and girls will keep watching. I’m the least interested in this show than I’ve ever been.

  • Pete Moss

    This show has turned into a lame soap opera for lonely housewives and 40 year old virgin males still living in their parent’s basement. Maybe they should hook up. HA!!!!

    • Saturn

      So because YOU don’t like it then those who do are lame, or virgins?

      (although in the case of lots of genre fare, WD/Marvel/Star Wars you could possibly be right about some of the most devoted!).

    • Jai Jessimy

      Then shut the hell up and stop watching. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

      • Pete Moss

        Touched a nerve there, did we, Sparky? It’s just a dumb show, like most other shows, rather that a reason to get up in the morning.

  • Pete Moss

    The writing is lame and pathetic. Gimple and the writers need to go back to driving cabs, waiting on tables, and working at the car wash.

  • Pete Moss

    Corall, don’t step on the coral.

  • ShadowInc

    It’s amusing how some people shit all over THE WALKING DEAD, and yet, those same people continue to watch every single episode.

    • Jai Jessimy

      They’re a bunch of morons who just wanna bitch.

  • RipleyCroft

    Isn’t confirmed he was fired? He will most likely die. They’ll probably do flash forward to old Rick with older Judith being like her dad in his earlier days.

  • diapers

    FOUL! Spoiler in the headline! I’m more than half a season behind, so I don’t give shits, but… spoiler in the headline? C’mon.

    • Saturn

      You’ll get used to it – BD do it ALL the time.
      Examples being the ending of SPLIT (when the movie was still pretty new in theatres) and the tiger scene in Walking Dead’s last season, which spoiled the final episode for those of us who hadn’t seen it yet (there was an animated Gif on the opening page, showing the scene) – the day after it was shown in the US!

    • Brian

      Dude, this day in age with social media and this thing called the internet it’s almost impossible to have something NOT spoiled. Either you keep up with a series or you avoid everything… Anyway you’re not missing anything. It’s been the same formula for the past 2 seasons, probably longer than that.

  • Sllavina

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  • plutohiller

    When did viewers stop wanting Carl to die? Sorry Rick, but I just never liked your son. On a separate note, I still like Walking Dead, but I’ve been upset ever since they decided to extend plot lines out over more than one season (looking at you infamously terrible season 3). I’ve always thought they should not have more than 10 episodes a season. I don’t every expect Ricks crew to finally settle down and stay put until the end of the show, so I do expect them to move on with their adventure by the end of a season. If condensed, we’d only be on about 6 seasons of content.

    • Saturn

      The show does need to be more brisk – possibly 12 episode per season, straight to the point. I know they have to drag it out a degree so they don’t catch up with the comics too soon, but come on. Liven things up! Take it down a different path to the comic books if necessary.
      I’m personally still watching (and mostly enjoying it, mostly) and probably will until the end – but there really does need to be a massive shake up – kill off SEVERAL of the lead characters in one go, introduce new, interesting, characters, something….

  • Michał Kaps

    Major spoiler in the title on twitter and main page, did you think this through?
    Stop fking spoiling the series for people who didn’t start watching the latest season yet!

    • Saturn

      They do it ALL the time.
      It’s been commented on that shows like The Walking Dead have a GLOBAL audience who may not have seen the most recent episode yet, who frequent this site, but still they keep doing it.
      Especially in regards to Cooooorl – they did a similar thing at the end of last season with the tiger scene.
      With this whole gloating about viewing figures being down I’m starting to wonder if it’s been done deliberately.

      Like I have said on a couple of occasions, over here in the UK we get some shows/movies earlier than the US, and I wouldn’t even dream of coming on here and posting massive spoilers. It’d be impolite.

      Would it be so difficult to head spoiler laden headlines with something like WE MUST TALK ABOUT THAT SCENE IN WALKING DEAD, without a spoiler gif?

      • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

        Worst thing is they’ll never respond or give any hint that they’re seeing these complaints either.

  • sliceanddice

    I don’t watch the show – think its trash – but that headline is bullshit spoiler territory for the good people who do. Poor show.

  • Timothy Moulder

    Erm, it’s been like, a week. Spoler complaints are kind is silly by now.

    As for the subject, I’m fine with option 1. It’s canon in the comic.

  • Dennis Giles

    The idea’s of shortening the season’s seems a good idea.
    10-12 I agree.
    Lets be honest many speeches can you squeeze in before mid-season ?

    • Bully FU

      Or they could build a whole season’s worth of episodes instead of following the same tired way they only build towards the mid-season and season finales. The last 2 full seasons and this one didn’t have good episodes, they weren’t interested in telling stories outside of the one larger story that is told in the 2 finales they pump out each year. Those episodes are the only ones that warrant their time, the other episodes just try to hype you for them.

    • Corey

      Ten episodes would be ideal. Everything that has happened so far could have been compressed into four or five episodes. 16 episodes and a “mid season break” is obscene.

  • macguffin54

    Um, spoiler??

    • bastardjackyll

      For a week old episode?

  • bastardjackyll

    He should die because his father is an idiot, that goes for the character AND the actor.

  • SpacemanSpliffz

    oh my god. carl is dead. chandler riggs himself has said he is dead, and he isn’t coming back. fuck carl and his stupid asshole hat, i’m glad he’s dead

    • Pete Moss

      The cast should pass his hat around and have everyone take a dump in it. Then give it back to him. HA!!!

  • micrappoogle

    They don’t have to kill Corol. Just give to to Michonne, she’ll know what to do. [giggles]

    • Pete Moss

      HA! Yeh, she could start another Z chain gang , after she hacks off his lower jaw. Michonne, don’t let us down! HA!

  • joewaters

    I dont get get how they can kill Corral when he plays such a huge part in the comics

    • Alex Hoefer

      What is Corral?

      • Pete Moss

        It’s a play on how Rick pronounces “Carl” with his really bad fake American accent.

      • rich connors

        you been watching 7 years and dont get the corral reference? i call bullshit,,troll exposed !!>lol nice try dude

  • joewaters

    Its amazing how many trolls are on here. If you dont like the show dont watch it.

    • Alex Hoefer

      So if I don’t like it anymore I can’t have an opinion about a show I have watched for 7+ seasons? Seems just as easy for you to not read comments if you are that sensitive

  • Mister B

    Still in denial, I see.

  • trollingtrollstrollingtrolls

    Hes a dead man. Hes being written off the show and im okay with that.

  • Pete Moss

    When they’re done collaborting with the junkyard woman, they should cut her head off and put it on a stick.

    • Sean Young

      the whisperers will do that.

    • Saturn

      Nah, they should go completely down the Cannibal Holocaust route, with a full body impalement……

  • womat

    Here’s How “BD’s Spoiler Headlines” Could Actually Keep Me From Never Coming Back Again:

  • Pete Moss

    Watch when the season resumes, Carol’s false teeth will be missing. They fell out when she bit Corral. HA!

    Then Rick sits down on a log and didn’t know her teeth were there. He jumps up and yells “I’ve been bitten”. Then Carol says “Oh, THERE they are. Thanks for finding my teeth.”.

  • Anni

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  • Allison Johnson

    The Murphy is the only man to have ever been bitten and lived. Carl is toast.

    • Pete Moss

      Maybe if Murphy gets his vaccinating powers back again, he can put the bite on Corall.

  • The Night King

    The real reason Chandler Riggs was fired from TWD, so no, he won’t survive the bite –

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