Pet Sematary

release date April 21 1989
studio Paramount
director Mary Lambert
writer Stephen King
starring Dale Midkiff, Fred Gwynne
tagline Sometimes Dead is Better...


The Creeds buy a house in Ludlow, Maine. Not so far away is clear path that leads to a little Pet Sematary in the woods,which hides a mysterious Micmac Indian Burying ground. The story is about , when Louis Creed's daughter's cat Church gets killed in the road, and Jud taked Louis up to a sacred place to bury the cat, the Micmac Indian Burying Ground, and didn't come back the same, Church came back evil. And soon, and Louis's son Gage gets killed in the road, and a couple of days later after Gage's funeral, Louis dug him up, and buries Gage in the Minmac Indian Burying Ground. Gage doesn't come back the same, he came back evil, and soon things get out of control, and what is Louis going to do about it?

Official Review

petcemeteryreview Pet SemataryDeath is absolutely the most controversial, spellbinding and downright terrifying concept in the world today. Questions concerning the afterlife (if there is one), when its your time to go, etc… have been questions that have perplexed society since the beginning of time. I know you are wondering, “What does all of this rambling have to do with Pet Semetery”? Well, imagine if you had the power to bring loved ones back from the dead. But, as a result of this resurrection, the person brought back to life is not quite the same person they were before their demise. If you had the power to play god, would you exploit it? …Read More

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