Julia X

director P.J. Pettiette
writer Matt Cunningham, P.J. Pettiette
starring Valerie Azlynn, Kevin Sorbo, Alicia Leigh Willis
tagline Sex, Blood, Revenge... And That's Just The First Date


Credited only as The Stranger, Kevin Sorbo’s character in JULIA X 3D (much like in real life) is completely irresistible to women. Turns out the ladies should learn to exercise a bit of caution for, you see, The Stranger is a serial killer. Meeting women on the Internet and setting up dates, The Stranger brings his victims back for a little bit of torture and murder and then brands each one with the next letter in the alphabet. He’s been up to it for a while, too, as his latest victim sports a “W.” However, things don't go quite according to plan on his latest excursion as Julia is on to his game and has no intention of becoming his “X”.

Official Review

Whether they’re unfounded or not, accusations of misogyny have long been commonplace in the genre, where women are constantly persecuted by male aggressors with phallic weapons and motives frequently rooted in sexual frustration. Julia X doesn’t want to settle for existing in a questionable grey area, it wants to prove every horror detractor right and give its women-hating serial killer a pair of victims who are unlikable, raving psychopaths. Forget being misogynists, writers Matt Cunningham and P.J. Pettiette – also in the director’s chair – are uninformed misanthropes. …Read More

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