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‘Orca’ Swimming to Blu-ray!

Australia’s Umbrella Entertainment has been on a hell of a roll lately. It was recently announced that they’ll be bringing the Stephen King classic Silver Bullet to Blu-ray. It wasn’t too long ago that they released one of the year’s best Blu-rays with the killer croc flick Dark Age. And now we’ve learned that they’re keeping with that nature attacks theme and bringing Orca home on December 6th. This is cause for celebration.

If you have never seen Orca you are in for one hell of a treat. It’s a Jaws knock off but it’s actually really damn good. It rises above all those other knock-offs and holds its own. Be warned, however, that it can be heartbreaking to hear an orca cry. That can make it a bit of a touch watch at times, but luckily the orca is the good guy!

Captain Nolan (Oscar® nominee Richard Harris, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone) is a man of the sea. Brave and headstrong, he is a fisherman who takes up the fight of his life against one of nature’s most fearsome creatures – the killer whale. Orca seeks to avenge the death of his pregnant mate, left murdered in blood-red waters. Rising from the ocean, leaving behind it a wake of destruction and mayhem, the deadly marine creature lures his human adversaries to a match of wits and survival in the chilly arctic waters.

Also starring Bo Derek (10), Charlotte Rampling (The Night Porter), Will Sampson (One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), Keenan Wynn (Dr. Strangelove) and Robert Carradine (Django Unchained) and featuring the music of award winning composer Ennio Morricone, Orca is a thrilling aquatic adventure of breathtaking scope.



  • I saw this when I was a kid and loved it, and oddly enough, it seems like it’s held up over time. The effects don’t seem especially dated (at least not from what i remember from my last viewing), and while it was definitely in the Jaws-rip-off canon, it’s feels a bit more like an “inspired by” than a “copy of.” I hope this means we’ll get a North American release too, but if not, fortunately Umbrella tends to go region-free.

    I hope there are tons of extras. This was a huge movie for me as a kid.

    • Chris Coffel

      I’m pretty confident this will be region free. I didn’t call that out because I think to date only one of their Blu-rays, ‘Body Melt,’ hasn’t been region free.

      • bigval

        Body Melt! Now that’s a good old Aussie horror-comedy classic

        “Fuck’n pill poppers” 🙂

  • Blood Boil

    This movie is so hilariously bad (especially the soundtrack) it should be seen by everybody.

    • Horrorfiction

      But it isn’t? What a bizarre comment.

  • J Jett

    i freaking love this movie. it’s intense (in places), scary (in places), incredibly heartbreaking and has one of THE most haunting endings to a film i’ve ever seen.

    • pablitonizer

      you make me wanna see it! The trailer didn’t do any justice but well, we’re talking about a film from 1977, I should give it a try. Question…does the orca actually roars like a lion as in the trailer? if so that’s as stupid as Jaws: revenge

      • J Jett

        i can’t recall if the orca roars or not (i don’t remember it doing that in the actual film). LOL. even though i haven’t seen the movie in over 15 years, i still vividly remember the ending because it was just EXTREMELY (sorry to over use this word) haunting. i don’t want to use any more adjectives to describe the ending because it would probably ruin/spoil the ending. 🙂

    • Chris Coffel

      I agree 100% with all of this.

  • dukeblues

    Its a cool movie. It has the European feel to it. Never as good as Jaws but still fun

  • IWC-3PO

    Orca? They made a movie about the boat in “Jaws”? Just kidding. I know it’s a prequel to Free Willy…

    • Christopher Nickerson

      You mean “secret” prequel

  • gary41172

    Loved this movie when I first saw it as a kid. Freaked me out as much as Jaws did. In my collection. 🙂

  • Matty Ice 2016


  • Werewolf

    Richard Harris was awesome in this.

    But he was awesome in everything.

  • Tim

    Can they dig up Richard Harris so he can do a commentary track, please?

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