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The ‘Martyrs’ Remake Already Has Already Been Filmed…

This past weekend we told you about the long-gestured Martyrs remake, which looks to finally be happening. Oh, wait, it’s already done.

The Goetz Brothers (Scenic Route) have directed the U.S. version of Pascal Laugier’s 2009 French horror film that challenged religion, and played a cathartic role in his real life loss.

Thanks to Bloody regular Fabien M., we have also learned that Martyrs, which is to be produced by Blumhouse and The Safran Company, has already been completed.

Bailey Noble, who played Adilyn Bellefleur on “True Blood” (pictured below), toplines with “Pretty Little Liars” star Troian Bellisario, Bloody Disgusting is told.

Kate Burton (Stay, Big Trouble in Little China) and Blake Robbins (Rubber) round out the cast.

Mark L. Smith (Vacancy, The Hole, The Revenant) penned the screenplay: “In ‘Martyrs’ 10-year-old Lucie flees from the isolated warehouse where she has been held prisoner. Deeply traumatized, she is plagued by awful night terrors at the orphanage that takes her in. Her only comfort comes from Anna, a girl her own age. Nearly a decade later and still haunted by demons, Lucie finally tracks down the family that tortured her. As she and Anna move closer to the agonizing truth, they find themselves trapped in a nightmare – if they cannot escape, a martyr’s fate awaits them…

The Last Exorcism‘s Daniel Stamm was once attached to direct and called the screenplay “spellbinding.”




  • Blood-Sicles

    Gotta be honest I figured Inside or Livide would be remade before this. But Martyrs was a good movie, and I’m interested in seeing how a company like Blumhouse adapted such dark source material for a wide audience.

  • Richter Belmont

    You know it’s a stinker when they shot this film in secret.

    • Leebo

      Best not watch the new Phantasm then.

  • Seal Clubber

    I know I am part of the vast minority here, but I really, really did not like Martyrs … The justification for the torture in the movie just seemed to ring hollow to me.

  • Kroork

    Awesome news!!!!

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Ive never seen the original. Might check this remake out first to go in with an open mind then check out the original after.

    • Maxime C

      I guess that’s the best thing to do cause this remake can not be as good as the original. I can’t even come close and i don’t even understand why they are doing this.

    • morgan

      Please don’t. See the original first (with as little knowledge about the film as possible).

  • Biddy

    the first one was truly disturbing .. I won’t watch it again , some scenes almost shocked me . Poor me 🙁

    • Leebo

      Ya pussy!
      Watch it a 2nd time and it’s not nearly as shocking.



      • morgan

        Yes, As someone noted above, this film was not to be “enjoyed.”
        However, the 2nd viewing was revelatory as you can spot the hints and little subtleties Mr. Laugier used in his film.

  • Christensen

    So I’m assuming Bailey Noble is Lucie, Troian is Anna and Kate Burton is Mademoiselle…

  • J Jett

    this should be a great unintentional comedy.

  • Kim Graham Talafuse

    The thing is they will “water” it down for the US. I did not enjoy the original. I don’t think it was made to be enjoyed. I will admit I am curious to see how the US compares to the original. I just don’t understand why there is nothing original coming out of studios these days. Seems it’s always a remake or re imagining. I have some great ideas…..they need to seek out new writers, new blood-no pun intended. It would be great to see something totally original.

  • REC03

    i always ALWAYS give remakes a chance but i have no problem saying this one is going to be complete SHIT!

  • lion7718

    I’ll watch it, but I have no expectations of it being any good.

  • Jako TC Kaioh

    please don’t… erase the remake….

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    “Already has already been filmed.”


  • j. prophit

    this saddens me ;'(

  • Troian is probably the best thing on PLL…so i’ll check it out but how sneaky, when did they freaking filmed this?

  • Randy Smith

    This is pointless. Why do all these amazing foreign horror films need shitty American remakes? There’s NO WAY this is going to be better, or even in the same league, as the original.
    And, for the record, I’m American, and fully realize that yes, indeed, an American remake is going to suck donkey balls…

    • Amen, brother! Sometimes people assume that we American horror fans are the ones who want remakes of great foreign horror movies. Now while I’m no fan of Martyrs I respect that others are and don’t want a potentially terrible, watered down remake of it. For me personally I’d hate it if they tried to remake High Tension or Inside (which the Weinsteins were planning on at one point). It’s the old “if it ain’t broke,” thing. Then again, you could say that about a number of movies, both American and foreign that have had inferior and sometimes downright awful remakes.

    • Dandy Mirandy

      took the words right out of my mouth. I adored Martyr. I definitely place it in my top 3 movies and can’t understand why someone felt the need to remake it

  • These Goetz brothers don’t even have a Wikipedia page to look up, and they have made one movie that I know of called ‘Scenic Route’, which I have never seen. I got decent reviews, but that still doesn’t make me think that they are ready to take on a movie like ‘Martyrs’. I will have to watch it inevitably, but I won’t have to like it… 🙂

  • Nick Carton


  • Xmas Jaxon Flaxon Waxon

    Aw man

  • I’m not sure how I feel about this. I made it clear the other day that I did not like the original film and on one hand if this remake is completely different I could potentially enjoy it. But on the other hand I don’t want it to be a remake in name only out of respect for my fellow horror fans who do like the original. It’d be nice if they found a happy medium, where both fans and non-fans of the original could enjoy this new version. Only time will tell.

    • morgan

      Question……How could you “potentially enjoy” a remake of a film you did not like? What in the original would have to be changed in order for you to ‘enjoy” it? I saw the original. I have the disc. It’s a tremendously original film.
      Not to be enjoyed, but to be experienced. To me, this was an ‘experience” – I did not enjoy it – I was blown away by it. The 2nd time I watched it, I enjoyed it, but for very, very different reasons.

      • It would pretty much have to be a completely different movie to work for me. Enjoy was the wrong word to use so my bad. I know the original wasn’t meant to be enjoyed, which is fine. That wasn’t really the problem. While I felt it started strong at a certain point I wasn’t taking it seriously at all and the movie became a chore to watch (I know some may want to attack me for saying that but I’m not trying to be a hater or insult the movie’s fans, I’m just being honest about how I felt about it and why it didn’t work for me). Maybe something’s wrong with me but I didn’t feel all that much while watching the movie, especially when the cult came in. It wasn’t the movie’s content or anything, I just didn’t care about what was happening. Beyond the initial shock of the opening I pretty much sat there thinking “I don’t care about where this story has gone, I don’t care about this cult of douchebags, I can’t make myself take this seriously and it’s clear the movie is intended to be serious, I just want to turn it off but I’ll finish it because it’ll be another horror flick that I’ve seen,”. So because I didn’t find the story interesting a remake would need a very different story for me to be remotely interested in it but again, out of respect for the original movie’s fans (including you) I didn’t even want them to remake it. I’d rather have no version of the movie that works for me than a remake that upsets fans of the original who feel the movie is perfect the way it is and doesn’t need to be redone, whether it’s exactly the same or something different. Good Lord, I’m rambling. Sorry, it’s late and I’m feeling out of it, :). I hope this makes sense and better explains what I meant to say originally.

  • AphroditeBoy

    So. . . release date?

    I’m not really eager to see the movie again because the last half is so torturous (literally), but I’m inevitably going to see the remake even if only to see how it lives up.

  • Stoibs

    Can we just get a Blu Ray of the original in U.S. already!!!
    As far as the remake, couldn’t care less. Remakes are going to happen no matter what we do. Just don’t see it. I’ll eventually check it out, but the original will always be here.

    • Andrew Flemming-Dunn

      the canadian is region free and cheap

  • devilgod

    The major problem with remakes is if you’ve seen the original, you already know the outline of the story and therefore it isn’t as exciting by default. Martyrs was awesome. It chocked the shit out of me. Seeing it a second time wouldn’t do me any good at all – with this type of movie, it’s all the set up and execution, so to speak. A remake, no thanks.

    • Waveboy

      A remake to this, along with Inside AND suspiria is completely Unnecessary. All films are perfect as they are. would it kill them to just release Inside and Martyrs in western theatres with subtitles? I doubt the American remake will be able to match the brutality shock of martyrs. that was easily the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. left a dent in my psyche for weeks!

      • Leebo

        Well it seems that the Suspiria remake has fallen through (again), and there actually is an English language dub of Martyrs out there that they could have released. I don’t think there is an English dub of Inside, but I could be wrong.

  • zombie84_41

    so fuckin pissed. I hope they don’t fuck it up.

    • kvakva

      But, they already did with the cast >:O

      • zombie84_41

        I didn’t see the cast, I don’t think I want to.

  • Noodles2

    Americans f uck up everything! I just wish everyone in America would swell up to huge size and explode and die! F uck A merica!

    • FromTokyo

      You first. Show Americans how it’s done, since you’ll likely claim you can do it more originally and better.

  • Luke

    Gotta admit, as fantastic as the original was, I’m still keen to see how they tackle the remake and see how far they push themselves. It’s not going to get a PG-13 treatment, they know that that will get torn to shreds. So we can at least hope that they’re going to try follow LTROI’s route…

  • Kirkio

    Needless to say I won’t be watching this.

  • Vickie Hager

    I just don’t see a movie as brutal as marytrs being remade and put on the big screen in the u.s. I still say marytrs can’t be remade/good anyway).

  • Whoever owns the rights to the original Martyrs should never have given this the ok. It’s a shambles! And @waveboy:disqus they are remaking Suspiria?

    • Humpasaur Jones

      Disagree – Laugier gets paid and uses the dough to fund another film. We all win.

      • No, Pascal Laugier is not paid. He is not one of the producers, just the director & writer. Blumhouse licensed the rights from the producers & the production companies, not from Laugier.

        • Humpasaur Jones

          You cartoon ants are all the same: killjoys.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    Its disappointing to me that so many remakes are made, rather than filmmakers just being inspired by a good film to make one of their own. Its like it is safer to remake something, even if its something that not too many people have heard of, because movie goers would prefer to be able to research and know everything about a film going into it, rather than sit back and watch a story unfold.

  • I always look forward to remakes just because they peak my curiosity so damn much. Sometimes they’re horrible, sometimes they’re great. I never place any sort of expectations on them, negative or positive, though. However, I actually really enjoyed the film ‘Scenic Route’. It wasn’t a horror, such as this, but I still thought it was a very well filmed and well directed movie with great acting, it held my interest that is. I’ll withhold any sort of judgment at least until I see a trailer 😛

  • Tavaris M Johnson

    dunno bout this

  • Brett Strohl

    I don’t remember the original challenging religion at all. Can someone please explain that statement to me (not trying to be a dick btw)

    • Dalia Yorke

      It’s about becoming a martyr, who is a person that is tortured by christian fanatics, it is believed that if you survive this you will be portrayed as a witness and have the secrets of the afterlife revealed to you. As far as i understood

      • Brett Strohl

        It’s been pretty long recorded that Christian martyrs often received visions after being tortured. But I just don’t see what happened in this movie that challenged religion?

        • morgan

          I would not use the world “challenge.” Perhaps “expand” would be a better term.

    • morgan

      It’s about the human capacity to suffer (both inflict and endure) and the religious concept that suffering is a cathartic form of enlightenment. It also addresses the concept of an ‘after’ life.

    • Humpasaur Jones

      You are objectively correct.

  • Ryan Andrew

    Sure ,why not.

  • Stephen Ayres

    American remakes are often loaded with actors that look like H&M models, crappy music and glitchy camera effects. This is why they suck ass.

    • Trey

      I thought the hills have eyes remake was really good

    • Lisa Latdook

      Not sure about the other actresses, but rest assured about Troian. Although she may be from Pretty Little Liars, she is an extremely talented actress and definitely does not look like the stereotypical blonde skinny model you’re referring to. By far she is the best actress on ABC Family and will do great things with her career once her show is over and she can move on to more adult TV/films.

  • Am I missing something, can people not read anymore? The original has subtitles in English for god’s sake.

    Not once whilst watching the French version of Martyrs did I stop and think to myself ” Now this is a great film, but I think what would really make it better is if the actors had an American twang, blonder hair, skinny waist, fake tits, looked like they have just walked off of a Z list catwalk with perfect make up even though they’re meant to be a dishevelled and mentally unstable character, and the icing on the cake, I really wish there was a cameo from the acting legend Paris Hilton”

    I’m sorry but i think these re-hash jobs of gritty Euro horrors are a waste of time, money and effort; money and effort that would be put to better use funding and developing exciting NEW horror scripts into features. The American’s tend to extract all the sense of dread, peril and true horror that the Euro films ooze by the bucket load in favour of catchphrases, kicking ass, not to mention how many tickets they can sell on opening weekend and how much money they can gross overall; can we get a few famous rappers in the film to reach an RNB audience, can we capitalise on its success and make printed t-shirts with the slogan “I’m a Martyr” on the front, coffee mugs, baseball caps…etc? Maybe! All of this at the expense of the film actually being impeccably constructed and scripted to the best degree possible.

    So it all ends up looking like it was made by Tomy’s “My first remake” productions and it gets released straight to DVD after three day’s theatre run.

    Roll on new ideas, fresh and exciting horror stories and for god’s sake, if you’re struggling when watching the original films, learn to read because you’ll never again need another remake in your lives.

  • Bob

    Well, I would like to enjoy this remake, but remakes haven’t had a good run lately. Not raising my expectations for this one just yet…

  • Blasphemous.

  • Galvion

    Ugh, they’ve been threatening us with an American Martyrs remake for years and all this time I was hoping the project died on the vine. Best case scenario, this fails miserably and the studios shutter any plans of doing any more watered-down remakes of similar films.

  • How much do you think they will tone, water and dumb it down? If you water down your wine by adding 4 parts water to 1 part of wine is it still wine?

  • Alan Ramirez

    I don’t think it will be as good as the original (they never are), but I’m excited! I just hope it has the same traumatic essence. I love Troian on PLL and to me it seems like she will play Anna, she’s the most talented actress on that show and she can play emotional scripts pretty well.

  • Pressly Parrish

    they quote the director of the last exorcism as if he contributed significantly to the genre and as if said quote has any weight to it. hmmm. this movie looks WEAK at best

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