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‘Alien vs Predator’ Writer Responds to Sigourney Weaver (Exclusive)

Alien vs Predator, image via FOX

Earlier this week a story broke out of the London Film and Comic Con in which Alien franchise star Sigourney Weaver stated that she asked to be killed in Alien3 upon learning of Fox’s intent to make Alien vs Predator.

“Well, yes – because I heard that Fox was gonna do Alien vs Predator. Which really depressed me because I was very proud of the movies,” she explained while also recalling an old James Cameron comparison referring to it “Alien meets the Wolfman.”

Bloody Disgusting has a long relationship with Peter Briggs, who is currently moving ahead with his directorial debut Panzer 88, for producers Gary Kurtz (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back) and Ivor Powell (Alien, Blade Runner).

The credited co-writer of Hellboy, with Guillermo Del Toro, Briggs was the first writer on Alien vs Predator, having initially developed it as a writing sample.

Briggs caught wind of the Weaver story and felt compelled to respond. Instead of breaking this down, I’m presenting it in full as there’s a lot of backstory that leads into his gripe.

briggsI read in “Entertainment Weekly” this morning (and “Time”, and everywhere else it seems), Sigourney Weaver’s latest salvo at the London Film and Comic-Con yesterday, in her decades-long sniping (July 20th) about the non-Ripley “Alien vs Predator” film franchise I played a passing role in 25 years ago. And once again, I heaved a sigh that she just can’t stop scratching this itch.

To put her laments into context, my version of “Alien vs Predator”, a spec screenplay I wrote in the Summer of 1991, was the very first draft, the very first piece of actual work done on the project for the studio. It was also my first professional sale to 20th Century Fox through producers Lawrence Gordon and Lloyd Levin, with whom I’d go on to work on “Judge Dredd” (another tortuous “Development Hell” story) and as credited co-writer on the “Hellboy” movie in 2004. It’s fair to say that despite my draft remaining unfilmed, “Alien vs Predator” launched my career; high-profile enough to get me mentioned in a slew of magazines (“Starlog”, “Cinefantastique” and even Brit lads’ mag “FHM” among them!) and books like Chris Gore’s “The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made”, and Denny Martin Flynn’s “How Not To Write A Screenplay” (alongside my friend Shane Black’s “Lethal Weapon”.) A decade-and-change later in 2004, I discovered to my astonishment in going over the project’s materials at the Writers’ Guild arbitration for the Paul W.S. Anderson movie at the WGA headquarters on Fairfax, my work was also the only actual complete screenplay Fox had until Paul W.S. Anderson initiated his attempt over a decade later!

To follow the chronology, the Dark Horse “Alien vs Predator” comic title itself, which gave me that initial kick in the backside to write a story mostly different from its inspirational material, ran July to December 1990.

Principal photography on the “Alien 3” movie began one month later in January 1991. Although the (excellent) Rex Pickett rewrite for director David Fincher from this time had Ripley dying, I gather this was also something the prior director Vincent Ward, whom Fincher replaced, had also wanted in his drafts.

I lived in London at the time, and wangled an “Alien 3” set visit at the shoot’s end as guest of Amalgamated Dynamics FX shop owners Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff. With film journalist friend Juhani Nurmi, we’d concocted a crazy notion to introduce “Alien” designer genius H.R. Giger to Finnish director Renny Harlin, who was the attached “Alien 3” director prior to Vincent Ward. Juhani was a longtime friend of both, and made the introduction. Giger would carry on (quite vocally in interviews) through the finished film.

After being shown the Pinewood Creature Shop (production all-but over at this point), Alec, Tom and myself sat around yakking fanboy stuff and discussing the difficult shoot. They said they hadn’t seen “Predator 2” at that juncture, but had heard about Danny Glover seeing the Alien skull cameo in the Predator trophy room scene at the movie’s end. Alec knew I was a struggling writer (developing sci-fi material for the short-lived Paramount UK at the time) and asked what I was working on. Tom arched an eyebrow (neither were aware of the Dark Horse comic) when I said I’d just started writing “Alien vs Predator” as a spec script. “Man, I can’t see how that would happen!” remarked Alec; amusing in retrospect given Amalgamated Dynamics ended up doing outstanding work on both of the “Alien vs Predator” spinoffs.

I finished my “Alien vs Predator” draft late September 1991. It was literally only written as a “get attention” sample, in the hope I’d maybe get a rewrite on some other movie off the back of it. My then-agent (Steve Kenis, the head of the William Morris agency in London) was friendly with producer Larry Gordon, who had a deal with Fox. Steve was coincidentally flying over to the States for meetings. Steve met Larry. They talked. I remember sitting heavily down on the stairs when Steve phoned me from L.A. to tell me Larry bought the script the same day. And then round-after-tortured-round of additional producer in-fighting killed the project dead on that go-around during the next year. (I was told later there was even serious talk about tweaking the project to make it a Schwarzenegger vehicle: Arnie was briefly attached to the pre-Stallone version of “Judge Dredd” I worked on for Tony Scott, so I can only imagine how that would have gone. More recently, the Strause Brothers in interview at the time of their “Requiem” sequel admitted they’d toyed with attempting my more-expensive outer-space,more sci-fi script, but went instead for the different Earthbound story you saw on the screen in 2007.)

Larry Gordon would later tell me “Alien vs Predator” had only been discussed for the first time at Fox literally days before Steve gave him the script in September 1991, which is why I was in the right place at the right time to make my first sale. Maybe they were in a panic about “Alien 3”…I have no idea. And so when I hear Sigourney Weaver recounting her killing off Ripley in “Alien 3” because she’d heard Fox were talking about doing “Alien vs Predator”, despite the fact our project was first spoken about and initiated well over a year (not even counting Vincent Ward’s involvement!) after her movie had gone into active production, I really have to roll my eyes at her claims.

I love “Alien 3”. Well; I didn’t on its theatrical release, but I find the recent extended DVD recut even more watchable than “Aliens”. I’ll also be honest that I’m less-than-wild about the two “Alien vs Predator” movies (particularly “Requiem”, about which less said the better) But I do wish Sigourney Weaver would stop beating on “Alien vs Predator” as her pet piñata in “ruining” the “Alien” franchise, and acknowledge that two standalone “Alien” movies she was actively involved with unfortunately managed that first, all on their own.

I don’t even know if Sigourney Weaver has read the “Alien vs Predator” draft I wrote. She’s never said she has. But, I was a fan obsessive of the “Alien” franchise, Sigourney. Big time. Particularly Ridley’s original, which is still unmatched. And “Alien vs Predator” — as a concept — is still killer, full of potential. Even its critically maligned first cinematic outing made $172,544,654 worldwide, compared to $159,814,498 for “Alien 3” and $161,376,068 for “Resurrection”. Hardly a financial “fail” there, Sigourney.

There’s a terrific “Alien vs Predator” movie still to be made by someone. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Weaver’s comments clearly hit a nerve with Briggs, especially since she’s been dogging the latter Alien films for years. And if Weaver is allowed a platform to shit on the work of others, well, they deserve a chance to respond. No?

What say you?



  • Justin McGill

    did she say HIS script SUCKED? No.. only that the two films of that subfranchise DID. And I think most fans of BOTH franchises would agree, they do indeed SUCK. and you have to KNOW that there was talk among the fan base even before.. Anyone else remember the summer of ’90? A little film called Predator 2 and a lil cameo at the end? I am sure FOX was talking (maybe not actively) but even then I am sure it was on someone’s mind. I haven’t read Briggs’ draft.. and it it was great? awesome? if it sucked? who cares? They obviously went their own wrong way. And Alien 3 while many say subpar was meant to be THE END. And it worked.. too bad they had to bring on another one, but oh well..

    • McGilli

      The problem isn’t that they made Alien 4 – it’s that they made Alien 4 with a director who didn’t even know – or like the Alien franchise. I remember listening to the commentary track by him on part 4 – and I was like wtf are you serious? who would hire a director to make an aliens movie – that didn’t even want to be making an aliens movie?

      • KTM444

        I’ve never heard the commentary on the DVDs so i didn’t know that Jean Pierre-Junet (sp) didn’t like the Alien movies. that is somewhat stupid on FOX’s part for hiring him. But i will say the film has a gorgeous look to it. Some of the shots are incredible and i love the aqua blue hue of the underwater scenes. Whatever the films problems, its still immensely watchable and Sigourney is awesome in every one. And a further note on that point. I really love that each of the four proper Alien films all have a distinct look, a proper director vision, that sets them apart from each other visually. And Sigourney, while playing the same character, does incredible work and emotional range – completely different in each film as well.
        Regarding Alien 5, I have mixed feelings about this sequel. Because of the advanced word on the plot (it will ignore Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection) it bothers me that the strong dark emotionally devastating Alien 3 will be pushed aside. David Fincher’s direction is astonishing.
        Although I’m not fond of sequels that ignore certain films in a series, i will give Alien 5 a chance as i’m sure i’ll be there opening night. (The less said about the AvP movies the better).

        • Jason Dunn

          I would argue that Fox made the mistake of hiring Jeunet if they ever watched his films. They tend to lose steam and coherence about halfway through. Jeunet is a visual visionary though, but the visual look of Alien films was already well-established. I don’t understand how they thought his hiring was value-added since what the Alien films need most is competent direction, tight editing and compelling story. The rest of what makes it work is established and inherited from the prior entries in the franchise.

      • Justin McGill

        That’s actually even worse. I bought the UK import anthology and tried to give Resurrection another try and just couldn’t. And I got through ALL of the old pre reboot Halloween films when the SF blu rays dropped.

  • PMD2

    Yeah he seems really petty and whiny about this, especially if his script wasn’t even really used much for AvP. She didn’t criticize him by name but that’s sure how he acts. He doesn’t come across well, especially since no one on the planet likes either of the AvP movies. She’s Ripley for crying out loud. She has a right to gripe about those movies. Briggs needs to lighten up and stop acting like she personally bashed him.

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      Sure she has a right to gripe about the movies. Just like he has a right to point out that AvP had nothing to do with Ripley’s death and you have the right to complain about his whining.

  • macguffin54

    Who the hell mentioned him?? Nobody. Stop injecting yourself into a story that has nothing to do with you! And Sigourney criticized the idea and concept of the AvP movie not even the quality of the movie (although, there are certainly plenty of things to say about that). His whole rambling story is irrelevant.

    • Michael Mc Carthy

      She sort of did. The original question she answered was in reference to Ripley’s death in Alien 3. She implied that the mere thought of AvP was enough to kill all enthusiasm. Mind you AvP wasn’t real concept even when that decision had been made so I think it’s fairly appropriate for him to respond being the progenitor of the project. Nice piece of history regardless.

      • Bill McCormick Jr.

        It surely could have been a real concept. If Dark Horse published the comic for the 4 months before shooting began on Alien 3 then the comic book would have been in the works for a good 6 months prior to it being published. Do you honestly believe that the studio had no hand in the making of the comic?

        • Harley Mitchel Dirk

          I’m pretty sure they had no hand in the concept. Though I’m certain that the story had to be approved by them.

  • john

    Wow. Dude, shut it. Your movie didn’t even get made. She has a problem with the movies that were. Stop putting yourself on a pedestal as if Sigourney Weaver targeted you personally. I know you wish that was the case. It wasnt.

    Just kinda pathetic to see a grown man dropping all these names, dates and script sales for no gain whatsoever. Seems like you just wanted to talk about yourself a lot.

  • Vicente Garcia

    I just came here to say………..I actually liked AVP:R. A fun, gory creature-feature.

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      As do I. The film is kind of a guilty pleasure for me, but I enjoy it all the same.

  • Daniel Anderson

    “And “Alien vs Predator” — as a concept — is still killer, full of potential.”
    “There’s a terrific “Alien vs Predator” movie still to be made by someone. It just hasn’t happened yet.”

    Although most of it seemed like he was a bit too butthurt over a single persons opinion who actually acted out the scripts that they take pride in. I whole heartedly agree with both these statements. I didn’t like paul WS Andersons movie (or his excuses to closet he loopholes at his Q&A Panel) as a fan of both franchises, but I enjoyed it as a movie. I enjoyed Requiem more due to the hard R and there being, not only alien slaughter, but a bad ass predator involved that had more screen time fighting aliens than AvP 1 (8 minutes of an alien and predator fighting in a more Pro Wrestling drama fashion). AvP franchise is probably one of the first franchises I’d stand behind a proper reboot, hard R required. Even reprising Henrickson as Wayland (which I thought was a proper ode to the aliens franchise).

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      I agree with everything up until bring Henrikson back. In my opinion it would be more distracting then helpful. Still, I’d love to see a proper AvP somewhere down the line. Ten years should be good, enough time to put distance between it and the first film. Although I think they need some good standalone movies first. To help affirm a seal of quality.

  • Ryan Chinn

    Peter Briggs defending the “idea” of Alien vs. Predator doesn’t make him a bitch … since Sigourney Weaver is saying that the decision to kill Ripley off in Alien 3 was based on the mere mention that Fox intended on doing an Alien vs. Predator film, he’s defending his place in all of it. I don’t see a problem with that. Plus, that script was light years better than the two AvP movies that were made.

    • Michael Mc Carthy

      Weaver’s comments doesn’t seem to make sense in terms of chronology. As far as I know Weaver forced the studio to kill Ripley to avoid her being typecast as such. This is the first time Alien3 has been linked to AVP…

  • Blade

    He has every right to speak his mind the same way everyone (Scott, Weaver etc.) get to speak theirs about AVP. Anyway, I commend him for standing up for it, a “bitch” wouldn’t do that, a bitch would have laughed it and off and been like ” yeah what a stupid idea, idk what I was thinking back then lol”

    • evilED

      Why do you commend him? Briggs had nothing to do with any of the films.

      • Blade

        I am aware that his script wasn’t used, but its just nice to see somebody stick up for the idea rather than talk nothing but trash about it for a change.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    I maintain a Spielbergian type of optimism throughout my life, so I do believe that we will see a GREAT Alien vs. Predator movie one day. It’ll be a sci-fi action film instead of horror/slasher, and it’ll have the necessary budget, and it’ll be epic and wonderful. It’ll be Batman Begins-y, instead of Batman & Robin-y.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Shit, I don’t even think Ridley or Sigourney have even seen the AvPs, so…

    • Dev

      Why would they even bother?

      • Brian Combe

        Because the first one has the se plot as Prometheus but with actual character development and fun.

        • Harley Mitchel Dirk

          Well played. I remember something about a quote where Lindelof mentioned to Ridley the fact that AvP also had a Mr Weyland. Apparently the look on Ridley’s face was something similar to how you’d look after being slapped. Maybe he should have watched the film, to avoid making the same mistakes.

        • Dev

          I’m not sure it’s even worth telling you to shut up, because you just said something so absurdly stupid that it might well be a waste of time.

          • Brian Combe

            Seeing as you haven’t mastered the art of civil discussion, yes it would be a waste of time.

          • Dev

            Why be civil with someone who thinks so highly of something so low.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    But, at the end of the day, I think we can all agree Sigourney made the right choice by not being involved with the AVP films. Btw, not picking sides, but it’s highly relevant to point out that Briggs’ head-to-head comparison of Alien 3 and AVP isn’t adjusted for inflation. Had Alien 3 come out in 2004 it would’ve grossed $214,257,317 worldwide (over $40 mill more than AVP). Moreover, if AVP had made more, it would’ve been because of the fan-novelty of seeing two iconic monsters battle for the first time. Interesting to point out Briggs makes no mention of how many came back for AVP-R after seeing how disappointing the first one was. $128,884,494 worldwide. Resurrection wins with $161,376,068 BEFORE inflation adjustment. Had it come out same year as AVP-R it would’ve steam-rolled it with $207,744,487.

    While I respect Briggs’ passion and willingess to stand his ground, he’s being a bit deceiving with his supporting facts. Can’t claim victory with only a portion of the picture. While he’s correct in stating AVP was not a failure, when the two Vs. films are properly compared to Sigourney’s last two, AVP’s ass is thoroughly smashed, contrary to what he’s asserting above.

  • Jason Dunn

    When I first heard about the Dark Horse property, probably 2-3 months before it actually came out, I thought “This sounds terrible.” And it first glance, it is a terrible idea. And 2nd glance, and 3rd. That DH actually managed to create a good story from such a bad idea speaks volumes for the people that worked on it. And it worked because the characters and story drove the plot more than the titular confrontation. AVP the movie focused principally on the confrontation and gave us disposable characters, unremarkable acting and lifeless dialog, in short, things that will sink any movie, regardless of its novelty. AVP was a turkey by any measure, even if a bunch of fans were suckered into watching it. AVP the video game was also a remarkable achievement, particularly for its distinctive gameplay among the three characters and its dripping, gloomy atmosphere. There were plenty of times where it scared the crap out of me, the last game to ever do that. So how did the movie end up as such trash? Hollywood has set formulas for sci fi and horror, and it can’t deal with any concept that deviates from that formula, so it tries to shoehorn it into a form that it thinks it understands, creating steaming piles of shit in the process. If it has any horror/sf auteurs left in its ranks, it does a fine job of tying their hands.

  • Pinkytoe

    She’s still scratching that “itch” bc the spinoff mashup bastardized and otherwise amazing collection of movies and stories. She’s right, it’s as bad as the Wolfman meets Frankenstein. Disgusting. And while AVP itself wasn’t quite the worst thing I’ve ever seen (though pretty close), AVP:R WAS. I’m just tickled pink the whole thing imploded in on itself. That is NOT the direction that franchise needed to take. And I hope that the Neil Blomkamp sequel does in fact ignore all movies past Aliens. None of them were worthy and the entire thing needs a semi reboot.

    He seriously ought to feel so ashamed and embarrassed he can’t show his face in public for his part in that stinker, no matter how small or insignificant a role he may have ultimately played. He certainly has a lot of gall getting all sassy mouthed.

    • Ian Tracy

      It’s odd, how people just don’t understand the situation. No matter how easily it was spelled out for them. His script was never made. It involved being in space, and not Earth. And the studio was all ready talking about the idea before him. And I’m sorry if you have no vision, or understand of how undeniable fantastic a good AVP movie would be. The idea has been done in comics quite successfully. The problem with the movies was plain and simple. The ones with the money messed it up, like always. It really isn’t that hard to be a part of a conversation when you pay attention. But you do have to pay attention.

      • Johnny

        Why are you so sensitive to this subject? This writer didn’t even have his script made and he’s still bitching for no reason. People see through that and react accordingly.

    • Michael Ridenour

      Peter is known to throw Euro tantrums every now and then. He can be cold when someone compliments him. Believe me I know. But on this one he’s right She needs to get over it.

      • evilED

        I think Briggs needs to get over it too. The guy is constantly bitching about how he got screwed by Hollywood. He seems to act like the AVP franchise is his own creation.

  • Garrett Johnson

    This guy’s crying and feeling insulted over a third-rate popcorn flick? What did he think he was writing, the sequel to ‘Citizen Kane’? Dude, you wrote a shitty movie that made money off the backbone of better films and typical Hollywood hype. Get a clue…

    • Ian Tracy

      Please try reading the article. His script was never made. Bought, but never made. It really isn’t that hard to be a part of a conversation. But it does help if you have actually been paying attention. It also helps if you don’t degrade the situation into childish insults.

    • evilED

      That’s what makes Briggs’ crying so hilarious. He’s still whining about something they never made. He had nothing to do with AVP in any capacity, apart from a fan script he wrote over twenty years ago.

  • guest

    always was an alien fan, not so much for predator. the idea of combining the 2 always struck me as really bad fanfic wank. which is what it turned out to be. and srsly weaver should have left ripley dead after 3.

  • Hannibal Is at the Gates

    Alien vs. Predator was an immensely popular comic when I was a teen. In some of the comics it’s even states the reason why aliens are strung all over the galaxy is due to the predator species and there hunting parties. It just needs a better script. I thought alien resurrection was like Jurassic park… ya know cause a dinosaur escapes.

  • WindowsIsDead

    I remember playing Aliens Vs Predator on Snes as a kid and dreaming about the most epic film to collapse universes yet to be released, and when that happened I went to the theaters with so much expectations and hope, but I left it with so much emptiness and disappointment.
    I went to see the creatures I love and to see the Queen, but that wasn’t enough, was the first time I felt how a film can be so shallow and snap out your dreams along with your soul in the process.
    And that was right after Resident Evil and when everything you liked most as a kid started to be destroyed by a common agent and you finally start to link his name: Paul W.S. Anderson; The franchise obliterator!

    Now Briggs’ statements brought a sparkle of hope to my heart, and I want to read his dated script and see if it indeed could’ve had been a better translation of what I ever hoped but never got.

    I still hope for a good AvP film as long it doesn’t bring Paul nor the Strause Brothers with it.

    • Deadcalm

      My expectations were somewhat based on the first AVP novel, I too was decimated by that turd of a film.

      Paul Anderson is a hack.

      • WindowsIsDead

        I had a similar experience, but it was related to the Newt/Hicks Dark Horse Aliens and their deaths at Alien3.

        But seeing what Blomkamp is sharing and aiming, and the great possibility of Biehn returning to play Hicks, I do hope that story is somewhat used as inspiration for his project.

  • Andrew Thompson

    Hell they have good writers for the comics and games why not use some of them storylines noone in hollywood can write anything good, its either trash, or rehash or anything decent is halfassed……..

  • He cannot compare the BO receipts of AvP and Alien 3 budgets were different and not to forget inflation.

  • Oh wait, Panzer 88 gets made? I wondered if that was ever happening.

  • Asheq Matin

    I loved and appreciated the Avp synopsis. It was fiction but also kinda added with ancient mythology like ancient astronauts(predator) and serpents(xenomorph)

    This will sound like a disgrace for me.but it was this movie that peaked my interest towards the alien quadrilogy and I saw the 1st one ( slow )
    2nd one ( half way but was kickass)

    Sigourney weaver caught my attention and got introd to me thru her role in a movie where mother daughter duo was screwing and robbing billionaires.

    So sorry SW u ain’t Ripley enuff to mock other people yet.

    And yes AVP REQUIEM was ON THE SPOT A SIMILAR EXPERIENCE like erectile dysfunction

  • Jenners

    Huge Alien franchise fan here, Also a huge Predator fan. I think that the AvP and Requiem were and still are, good for their entertainment value. I can watch those on a major hangover day, no problem! Grab me some popcorn. They will never be as good as the original separate Aliens/ Predator movies but I really do like the melding of the two. My bestest loved aliens doing battle is always nice to watch. Weaver bitching may just be 1) she thought the story was told and needed to end, or 2) She is mad because she wasn’t included in the AvP films. Either way I love them all and I love her.

  • John

    Damn, Ripley just got dragged

  • Joseph Nardi

    I read the original 1991 Briggs script and it was EPIC! I hated that it never got filmed! That script was loaded with awesome action and cool horror stuff — not to mention another kick-ass heroine. Too bad Paul W.S. Anderson didnt just shoot THAT script in 2004!

  • Jeff Barber

    I agree in principle that there is still a great Alien Vs Predator movie, but lets face facts…. it hasnt been made and wont be. If the Alien Vs Predator movies were actually any good, this whole affair would be more valid… but it wasnt.

    Dont get me wrong, I wanted AvP to be awesome ever since I read the dark horse comic. Sadly, the reality is that Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, AvP, AvP Requiem, Predators and even Prometheus are all the works of cash grab idiots rehashing old ideas. I cant blame Signourney for doing those later movies at the time. to be fair, the movies she signed on to do are not the movies they eventually made. I think everyone knew the AvP was going to be a disappointment as soon as Paul Anderson got involved, because hes only slightly more capable at screwing up movies than Uwe Boll.

  • Trey Wilson

    Briggs has been whining about AVP for years. They never even shot his version of the script. Briggs loves to paint himself as someone who played an integral part in creating the canon, but in actual fact, he’s just some guy who wrote a spec script which Fox bought a long, long time ago. I doubt anyone really cares about his opinions on AVP. This guy needs to let go and move on. His constant complaining and crapping on other people’s work is one reason why no one in Hollywood wants to make his movies, and why he’s never had a movie produced since Hellboy – which was pretty mediocre at best.

    • Tom Posterak

      Where have you heard this about his being a jerk as the reason no one in Hollywood will work with him? I agree with all you say in your comment but the guy has done a lot better for himself than most other writers out there all because of his AvP script.

      • Trey Wilson

        Let’s just say I know people. I’ll leave it at that. Plus, you only have to see his pompous rants on social media to see he’s got a huge chip on his shoulder about Hollywood. He openly shits on just about every working director and writer out there. For some reason he comes off like Hollywood owes him a career.

    • theAC

      Sounds like Sigourney has been whining about AvP for years, too.

  • REC03

    im sorry but this guy sounds a bit pathetic. complaining about a movie that didn’t even use his script, get over yourself. Sigourney is a huge part of the Alien franchise and i respect her opinion more than this dude. sounds like he wants some press.

    • theAC

      Maybe. But I get his point. Too bad it took an entire page to get there. Could have just said they never used his script but Fox wasn’t even considering AvP until after Alien 3 was in progress. #roundabout #soundslikeawindbag

      • Idle Primate

        he says he wants to make the whole story clear with context because she has has been whinging on it for a decade and a half. that seems fair enough

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      I lost plenty of respect for her opinion on the franchise as soon as she uttered “So who do I have to fuck to get off this boat?”

      • Greg Ranzoni

        Blame Joss Whedon

        • Harley Mitchel Dirk

          That’s a fair point, though she still said the line then took the paycheck.

  • Harley Mitchel Dirk

    Weaver’s whole bizarre attitude towards the Alien franchise is one of the things that has me worried about the new film. It just comes off as pandering to the fans or half truths.

  • Burnster

    Fun times. Guy shows off his resume for 13 paragraphs then rants on Weaver’s totally justified gripes about a miserable slew of movies he wasn’t even involved in. But at least he got an article on BD out of it.

    • evilED

      That’s what I don’t understand. Why is BD even posting his opinion? Briggs had absolutely noting to do with any of the films. He sold a fan script over twenty years ago, which FOX never made.

  • Brian de Castro

    Sigourney Weaver is the Alien franchise. And Alien 3 was at least daring in not being a crowd or fan pleaser. And enough with the Alien Resurrection bashing-it’s a great Alien film with superb casting (Dourif, Pearlman), classic scenes (bball, underwater, failed clones, etc.) and a cool take on Ripley. A vs P are what they are. Here’s hoping for the best with Alien 5. It’s amazing that it’s happening with Sigourney and Biehn.

    • Amen for A:R. It is my favourite Alien film and has some truly great moments!

    • Idle Primate

      I’ve always liked A:R it has such a rich sci-fi feel to it (as opposed to the horror in the first or action in the second or thriller/drama in the third), and gives me a little of a Metal Hurlant feel. It’s also just a well paced exciting adventure movie. I like it far more than Cameron’s take (and I am generally a fan of his work). Aliens has a lot of pluses, but i find those space marines unwatchable and grating, and when you get down to it, it sure is an awful lot of gun wanking and seriously one dimensional characters. It’s my least favourite of the four main Alien films. For all it’s problems, I find Prometheus to be more full of wonder and excitement and story elements than Aliens.

      I like the first AvP too. it doesn’t feel like a very necessary film,but very watchable. that second one though, ouch.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    He’s got a point, there comes a time when complaints are done to death. Making a good AVP movie is not impossible. It just needs to cost a little more to get it fully realized.

    Besides, Alien 3 and Predator 3 are pretty painful on their own.

  • Flashjordan

    He’s absolutely right to hit back, now I need to find a copy of his script.

  • REC03

    if anyone is interested Peter Brigg’s unused draft for Freddy Vs. Jason is online. warning: it is awful

    • Dev

      The final product was pretty terrible as I recall, is it even worse?

      • REC03

        much, much worse.

  • AvP was ghastly. Utterly disgusting. They should not have been made. I applaud Sigourney’s comments.

  • Nightflyre9

    I love each of the first two films in both the Alien and Predator franchises, so I hope one day we’ll end up getting the definitive AvP movie. As for the existing AvP films, they don’t do much for me, but they’re innocuous enough that bashing them seems pointless. I also happen to find Alien: Resurrection very entertaining. As for Sigourney, I love her and she’s entitled to her opinion, but I always think it’s better to be gracious than appear petty.

  • Jason Rutherford


  • brewers_rule

    I think he’s right. Actors seem to deal more in ‘feelings’ for a project than actual numbers and when they’re pointed out things like timelines & actual box office numbers, they seem to recoil as if that doesn’t matter because they don’t ‘believe’ in a project (I could go off on a tangent about how their political choices mirror that perfectly but I won’t). Further evidence of that is shown in how an actor will talk 3 hours on an Indie flick they made for pennies that no one wanted to see but they thought was SO awesome over a mainstream flick that generated hundreds of millions at the box office because it’s somehow not as noble despite that being why they’re commanding $20mil+ per picture. Weaver has taken this tone the whole time about the Alien franchise’s first two films while never noticing how inherently AWFUL Resurrection, which she joyfully signed for, was and, as he points out, made less than AVP did so she’s cherry picking who did what. I think he was right for calling her out on her bs.

    • Wilson Bro

      That’s actors for you… 😉

  • Aragost Scott

    Weaver talked about AvP being made as one of her reasons for killing off the Ripley character WAY back in 1997 (long before AvP even got made). So this is nothing new for her to say, as Briggs is making it sound.

    • Aaron Arm

      In the 1st paragraph he says, “And once again, I heaved a sigh that she just can’t stop scratching this itch.” implying he keeps hearing her say it.

      Later, he says, “But I do wish Sigourney Weaver would stop beating on “Alien vs Predator” as her pet piñata in “ruining” the “Alien” franchise.”

      • Aragost Scott

        “And so when I hear Sigourney Weaver recounting her killing off Ripley in “Alien 3” because she’d heard Fox were talking about doing “Alien vs Predator”, despite the fact our project was first spoken about and initiated well over a year (not even counting Vincent Ward’s involvement!) after her movie had gone into active production, I really have to roll my eyes at her claims.”

        I’m more referring to him implying that Weaver could not have known about AvP at that time when A3 was being made. She had to have known or why comment like that back in 1997? And I don’t blame her for continuing to blame AvP (although she should be blaming FOX really) for killing off the franchise, had AvP not happened a planned film by Cameron and Scott very well could have. That said film was canned because of FOX’s decision to make AvP. Personally though, Alien 4 pretty much cemented the death of the franchise as that movie (imo) is far worse than AvP is.

        • Aaron Arm

          Ahh, fair enough.

  • Victor Drax

    I’d say that point out the fact that the Alien vs Predator movies made a lot of money is a null point, since there is a reason no more movies were made; being financially successful has nothing to do with being a good movie.
    I’d watch even the flawed version of Alien 3 any day before taking any of the AvP movies, sorry to say it.

  • Wishing for a terrific new “AvP” movie still to be made by someone does not change the fact that the first two attempts had already ruined the finest franchise in cinema.

    • Dev

      They didn’t ruin anything, they don’t even count. I refuse to allow them to have that space. They’re beneath the franchises they’re ripping off. Neither of those films deserves the material they’re working from, and the people who made them ought to be ashamed.

    • Steve Ward

      If they can re-boot Spider-Man 3 times anything is possible.

  • The_Righteous_Dan

    Ya know, to be fair here. It’s not like she is going to conventions and doing interviews on how much she dislikes the AvP movies. People keep asking her about it, which can be bothersome, and she answers. It’s all about context. I doubt Weaver herself harbors any deep resentments toward AvP. People just keep asking and asking and asking and asking and asking……..

    • Anthony DeRouen


  • ishtrpioajtrk

    Requiem should have never been allowed to see the light of day. I’ve little hope of there ever being a AvP film done right after seeing that abomination, but the recent Fire & Stone series has me itching to see another attempt.

    • Harley Mitchel Dirk

      That’s odd, why does the Fire and Stone series make you itch to see another AvP film attempt? I’m not trying to be rude or anything, just curious.

  • Alex Pérez Mendoza

    You know what? All of you can eat it. A: R has the best line in the whole damn franchise.

    Johner: Hey, Ripley. I heard you, like, ran into these things before?

    Ripley: That’s right.

    Johner: Wow, man. So, like, what did you do?

    Ripley: I died.

    • Alex Pérez Mendoza


    • john

      I disagree with that. So, no– I won’t eat it. But you can love that line. Go for it.

      Also, that’s not Ripley. That’s Ellen Ripley’s body with a complete different mind due to life experience and Alien DNA inside her.

      • Anthony DeRouen

        As told by Sigourney Weaver playing the role of Ellen Ripley as stated in the credits. Maybe next time dude.

        • john

          Okay. So, if you’re cloned, raised with a completely different life experience (and as a result act totally differently, make different choices, say different things) and have a different creatures DNA all together inside you– I guess that’s still you, huh?

          You’re grasping at straws if you think I’m trying to argue that Weaver and FOX don’t want to continue their franchise of the character of Ripley. Doesn’t change the fact that Alien 1 -3 is Ripley, Alien Resurrection is a clone of Ripleu.

          Maybe next time, dude.

          • Riku Ruohomäki

            It was also stated that, similar to ring worms (or some other organism with similar capabilities, I don’t remember what species they actually referred to, in the movie), the alien species had the ability to pass memories to later generations. So, she did have Ripley’s memories. If, besides the genes, the memories and experiences are what defines you, as a person, then she was partly still Ripley, except less human and less capable of empathy.

    • Christensen

      that was a great line

  • Jcool

    Shouldn’t this read: “A guy who wrote an unused Alien vs Predator script speaks out”

    • Dev

      “… and is promptly laughed back into obscurity”.

  • lbgage

    While I loved Alien and Aliens, I was also extremely delighted with Aliens vs Predators. The graphics were great and it was a good story. If Sigourney was so concerned about A v P, why didn’t she make a better Aliens 3? Nah…let’s each enjoy whichever of the Aliens series or AVP that we enjoy and hope that someone can make future quality
    Alien or AVP movies for us to enjoy.

    • Steve Ward

      Why didn’t ‘she’ make a better Alien 3? Not clued up on how the movie industry works, she’s an actress not a producer/writer/director.

  • Trybrow

    Briggs, I’m sorry to tell you both the Alien sequels were more successful than AVP. That’s because you forgot to adjust for inflation but please, don’t write me a butthurt letter.

    • Steve Ward

      Also even if they were more successful that would be because of interest and quality from the originals. Its not like we can ask for our money back when we don’t like a movie.

  • Frank g

    I would personally rather look at a predator face…than a young weaver….she may be the most fugly actress of all time…

    • Raiden

      C’mon. . . that’s a little shallow isn’t it? Weaver’s performance as Ripley proved movie superheroines don’t have to be beautiful to sell tickets.

      Also the character of Ripley was originally supposed to be dude.

    • Riley

      Thanks for your input…

    • Steve Ward

      So? No ones asking you to fap to Alien.

  • Drew Hatch

    This is Taylor Swift / Nikki Minaj / Katty Perry for grown ups.

  • Lil Wan

    Ok, speaking as someone who was in the audience when Sigourney made her comments, I can advise the following:

    Her comments were not aimed at the draft screenplay, final screenplay or the finished films – she was very clear that she has never read/seen them. Her comments – indeed, her view, formed as it was back when decisions were being made about the ending of Alien3 – were based on an idea that producers/studio execs were bandying about at the time about producing an AVP film based (or so she understood it) on a computer game.

    The concept for an AVP production clearly existed prior to Alien3 being shot- I was a kid but I remember reading about it in 1990, when Predator 2 was released with the infamous alien skull. Mr Briggs credits the (excellent) Dark Horse comic series published in 1990 for inspiring his spec script, and suggests that (as Alien3 began shooting not long after the comic series was published) the chronology is such that it couldn’t have influenced any decisions about that production. The flaw in that argument is that, for that comic book to be published in the latter six months of 1990, it had to have been written and drawn; prior to any of that happening, the rights to the characters/concepts had to be negotiated. Suggesting that there was no concept of an AVP movie prior to the publication of the comic is naive, especially given the reference in Predator 2, which would have been filmed in 1989. The idea was already there.

    And it is the idea, the concept, that Weaver – and James Cameron, and Ridley Scott – objected to. It was the concept that influenced Scott’s decision to walk away from a planned Alien sequel, and it was the concept that influenced Sigourney’s thinking when it came to what to do with Ripley in Alien3. Which, by the way, is what she was asked- did she have any say in the decision making process about killing Ripley off, and what was her input.

    I’m sure Mr Briggs did indeed make the above statement after ‘heaving a sigh’. I mean, after all, it must be so tiresome for a man with 4 writing credits (according to IMDB) to have to deal with some media attention on the back of comments made by the star of a movie franchise that he was loosely linked to 25 years ago.

    As for Weaver ‘having a platform to shit in the work of others’ – perhaps the writer ought to do a bit of research before publishing an article in future? Or am I missing the point of this article (click bait)?

    • evilED

      The hilarious part about Briggs’ comments, is that he actually had nothing to do with any of the AVP films. He was not involved in the development or the finished films. So his comments are kind of moot. I doubt Weaver even knows who he is.

      • Dev

        Nobody else knew until now, that’s for sure. What a fart in the wind.

    • Dev

      Hear, Hear.

  • Jess C

    For a guy who is tired of reading Sigourney Weaver’s comments, Briggs can’t seem to find the ‘ignore’ button in his life. Instead, he reads Sigourney’s comment (taken out of context, mind you) and takes it as a personal attack (as if he was the only one who came up with the AvP concept). What Briggs fails to understand is, whether AvP was written by him or someone else, the concept itself did not appeal to her. Additionally, this was something she mentioned years ago. YEARS. Yet, that doesn’t stop interviewees from pressing that same question over and over and over and over (and over) again. It’s not Sigourney’s fault if people keep asking her about AvP a million times, just to stir the drama pot and paint her as Queen Bitch of the Universe. I kid you not, she does not set out to tell everyone ‘I HATE AVP’ at every opportunity she gets. Rather, it’s the interviewees (even articles like this) that enjoy adding fuel to the fire by continuously highlighting personal opinions and taking them out of complete context. Suddenly, that interview quote about ‘Actor A hates vegetables’ suddenly becomes ‘ACTOR A HATES VEGETARIANS!’ in Entertainment Weekly. Hence, why Briggs needs to push the ‘ignore’ button.

    Also, I don’t understand why this guy takes it so personally. He kinda came off as that annoying fanfic writer you see in forums. You know, that fanfic writer that says something like: ‘So I wrote this really cool story of ‘Terminator vs Aliens vs Predator vs Godzilla vs Slenderman vs Sailormoon vs Superman vs Pewdiepie’ fanfic. No one read my story, but trust me, it was the most realistic incredible story out there. It didn’t get published, but still, it was very good. I just don’t understand why people aren’t taking it seriously. Also, please don’t tell me my fanfic is ridiculous. I came up with this story before blah blah blah’

    Anyway, this sounds like a case where the creator wears his heart on his sleeve too much. He mistakes personal distaste for a personal attack. As an artist, I know the difference. I paint dark art. Fact: not everyone likes dark art. If someone tells me ‘I don’t like your art and so I won’t buy it’, I can’t take that personally. It’s their opinions. It in no way devalues my art unless it relates to the art principals themselves. I have to accept my art isn’t for them. Similarly, if someone doesn’t like an ‘AvP’ concept, they can’t take it personally. If Sigourney wants out of the project, fine. That’s on her. But however way she feels about the AvP films, Briggs can’t take it as a personal attack. Sure, he can write his own passive aggressive rant about how unfair it all is. But in the end AvP was made. Sigourney did Resurrection. The world moved on. Meh.

    Lastly, Briggs needs to get his dates fixed. Talks of AvP had existed waaaaay before Alien 3 came into the picture. Not only did we have the early Dark Horse comics publishing Aliens and Predator side-by-side in the early 90s (eventually deciding to bring them two together), but the movie world itself exploded from the alien headshot cameo in Predator 2. Alien 3, in the meantime, was in limbo land. Apparently Briggs has selective memory because Alien had undergone MANY script rewrites by different writers and none of them even entertained the idea of killing Ripley. William Gibson, for example, wanted a 2-part Alien action movie that would bench Ripley in the first film (giving the starring role to Hicks) and bring her back into the fold at the second. It was only when impending Fox deadlines were around the corner that the studio decided on a script that somewhat resembled Alien 3’s premise (the missionary-based plot, which had surprisingly decided to kill Ripley). In truth, Alien 3 was still going through rewrites while production began. Equally important, there was no indefinite decision yet to kill Ripley off since they kept beating around the bush (which is why we see those alien eggs pop outta nowhere, along with other similar plot holes). Weaver’s acceptance to kill Ripley came partly out of a poetic gesture and partly because she knew the franchise was going downhill, especially once AvP talks were high on the radar.

    Veteran Alien fans will also recall a similar decision to bow out of the alien franchise from James Cameron and even Ridley Scott as well. After the failure of Alien 3 (not to mention its controversy), Cameron had wanted to “rectify” the series and was already writing concepts for it. But once AvP got the greenlight he pretty much said ‘fuck this’ and left. Again, it wasn’t a personal attack on Briggs. The concept of an AvP film had always been popular. Hell, Briggs assumes his draft was the first to shed light of the possibility, but many fan nerds like myself had already played it out in our heads. It was such a huge thing after Predator 2 came out, that it seems inevitable. Briggs just happened to be at the right place at the right time when he turned in his, ahem, fanfic. XD

    “And if Weaver is allowed a platform to shit on the work of others, well, they deserve a chance to respond. No? What say you?”

    Expressing an opinion toward a concept and shitting ‘on the work of others’ are two different things, kiddo. Mr. Briggs obviously can’t tell the difference and it seems the author of this article can’t either.

    • Aragost Scott

      All of this.

    • JennB


      Holy carp! This!^

    • Robadude32

      THANK YOU!!!!!

  • commonsense101

    When the guy says ‘Alien 3 is more watchable than Aliens’…he lost me. To each their own.

    • PsychoMantis18

      Aliens is suckish. Alien 3 is sweet

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Bad Troll attempt is bad

        • PsychoMantis18

          No troll attempt, Aliens is suckish.

          • Jose Fernando Ceballos Castill

            Why? ‘Aliens’ is a great action/horror movie. Only defeated by the original one ‘Alien’. ‘Alien 3’ & ‘Alien: Resurrection” are errors. One, for productors fault and the last one for the director and writer. “The City of Lost Childrens” with Aliens. Funny, but anything else.

          • PsychoMantis18

            Aliens is a loud, dumb and cringe-inducing SPECTACLE of a film. The action is boring, the script juvenile and the whole tone goes against the strengths of the original, all of which reduces it to a generic action film that happens to be set in space and feature some monsters. Oh, and the Aliens, based on possibly the best creature creation off all time, had their looks bastardised (and their characteristics) so that Cameron could film his bland action scenes without the continual inconvenience of their Alien head-caps falling off. Cameron took away the firsts brains, scares and style, and replaced it with guns, explosions and a family.

            Fincher managed to make a broken horror-masterpiece even with all the interference he faced. The spirit, the atmosphere, the creativity, the impassioned vision of an exciting filmmaker, respect for the original, all was there.

            Jeanette’s film was closer to what Aliens wanted to be: fast, buddy-buddy, tense action, scares, thrills, couple of laughs and some great horror set pieces.

            Aliens is the miss-fire in an otherwise fantastic series

          • Brian Tipton

            Just because you’re wrong about all of that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to your own opinion.

            Aliens is considered by many to be just as great a film as the first one. They essentially sit in two different genres and are a showcase example of each.

            I double dare you to give me a better example of an action/sci fi movie that doesn’t involve using the word “Predator” or “Alien”.

          • PsychoMantis18

            Well that was a condescending and moronic response. A lack of action/sci fi’s doesn’t make Aliens good. Having said that: Terminator 1&2, Mad Max’s, Robocop, Inception, District 9, The Matrix’s, Serenity, Fifth Element… Are we including Anime?
            What a stupid thing to say….
            You know it’s this kind of stupidity that is present in Aliens, a film where there is an obvious lack of discernible taste

          • I find Aliens fun and suspenseful—and the plot points take full advantage of the corporate-power-structure-paranoia of the original—but Alien3 is certainly a better follow-up to Alien. Even on its original release, I regretted that Cameron had to damage the original movie to make an action picture. So while I don’t find Aliens boring, I agree that it doesn’t fit into the Alien canon as firmly as Alien3. For that matter, even Predators feels more like Alien than Aliens.

          • PsychoMantis18

            Thanks, appreciate the support

      • commonsense101

        Alien 3 is more like a breath of Fresh Ass, while Aliens is the breath of fresh air…just to make that clear, PsychoMantis.

        • PsychoMantis18

          You didn’t make anything clear. You mentioned fresh ass and fresh air, I got no fucking idea what you’re on about.

  • DesertKa13

    Does anyone else find this headline a bit odd? Kind of like referring to Romero as a writer of the Resident Evil movies. lol

    • Steve Ward

      Another franchise molested by Paul Anderson

  • JennB

    I didn’t see Sigourney shit talk the franchise, just that she wanted her character killed off in 3.

    What I see is that she came back and did 3 and 4.

    What I hear from Briggs is he felt snubbed/attacked about his writing project, that never went anywhere.

    Seems Biggs is dumping a lot of his bitterness on her when she clearly didn’t have(or want) anything to do with his AvP story. Sorry, but neither did the AvP story they eventually went with have anything to do with her.

    What’s this gripe really about?

  • Steve Ward

    Maybe his idea for AvP was great but Paul Anderson shit all over cinemas with his garbage so in hindsight Weaver made the right decision.

    • Yeah.. I dunno.. she crapped all over his because she wasn’t in it if you ask me. I really don’t think it had anything to do with quality of the screenplay. She was willing to be brought back to life for that semi-terrible Resurrection film and I had thought she was going to be in the upcoming film as well..

      • Steve Ward

        Yea she read every spec script lying around at Fox Studios, right enough. And Alien: R is 100x more watchable than either AvP. They unfortunately turned out to be what Weaver and Cameron initially feared, shallow, cash grab garbage, fit for a SyFy channel exclusive. (Which is a shame because the concept does offer such epic possibilities.)

        • Randy Stradley, the writer to the original comic and the follow-up series wrote the best possible stories for AvP. But, of course, Hollywood screen writers know better right? So instead of a more faithful adaption we got a superficial film. It doesn’t matter why Weaver craps on them, they deserved to be crapped on.

  • neanderthal75

    Really great piece!

    Briggs is correct: the AVP story line is rife with superb potential for some amazing stories to be told; all it takes is some paper pusher in a head office to pull their heads OUT, and understand that potential!

    The level of CGI today is unparalleled in light of previous achievements, so the ABILITY to create marvelous presentations abounds, however, because EGOS that will (not if) get in the way, we fans are simply going to be left out in the cold for YEARS, rather than being able to enjoy the result of talents from writers, actors, and directors, and all those ‘hands on’ artists who make things happen.

    The sequel to Prometheus is a prime example of this fact in motion (or lack thereof to be more precise).

  • AVP was dogshit. I don’t care how precious Briggs is to the whole thing.

    • Riku Ruohomäki

      They should have made the Peter Briggs screenplay. These two AvP movies hav nothing to do with it. You can hardly blame Briggs for them. His screenplay was great.

    • Rhys

      You nailed it.

  • Mason K

    Of course, we all know that you can measure the quality of a movie by how much money it makes. /s

  • Only reason I watch AvP is for the Aliens. xD

  • Jose Fernando Ceballos Castill

    Now, I undestand why AvP exist…Co-writer loves Alien 3! Was a Joke or something? Seriously, What was the problem with make in movie the first AvP Comic? That’s was a perfect script! Has All I Love in AvP experience. But, don’t! You need to wrote this involuntary comedy knows ‘Alien Vs Predator’.
    ‘AvP 2’ is a no-comment movie…

  • James Ridge

    Blah blah blah blah blah. Alien vs. Predator is a hack premise embraced only by nerds, and clueless studio vermin shrugging their shoulders in optimistic hopes for nerd dollars. The films were crap, right on cue.

  • AvP was a good idea like a slushie with pieces of candy in it was a good idea. Or a taco shell made of Doritos. One at a time, kids.

  • Well, what I do remember from the interviews running right after the Alien 3 was released, the reasoning to let Ripley go, had nothing in common with AVP. I remember Weaver stating something like being influenced by a bad mood (namely US entering the First Gulf War), plus many plans and rumours floating around about next alien movies. She simply put her money into the Alien 3, becoming one of the producers, in order to being able to influence the script, and hence let the Ripley die.

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