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Go To Hell – Dante’s Inferno #1 Review

A demo came out recently for the video game, Dante’s Inferno, which is loosely based on the literary work. Wouldn’t you know it that a comic is out which is loosely based on the video game. Video game comic adaptations have a sordid past, but how did this one fair? Read on to find out…
danteinfernore1 If you have played the demo for the game, the first issue of this comic will be no surprise. This issue mainly tells the story of Dante’s love interest, Beatrice. Through the journey Beatrice makes a deal with the devil that only Dante can free her from. Dante than searches for her and starts to fight through Hell to get her back. That’s where the issue ends which seems to be the right pace if it’s going to be a six issue story arc.
While I was satisfied with the writing, I could not figure out what I felt about the artwork. Diego Latorre’s artwork is extremely talented, but it seems like the best panels in the book are masked or ruined by computer generated effects of layering and noise. Maybe that’s his style or he’s trying to convey the madness of Hell, but I did not enjoy it.
If you are on the fence about this comic I would recommended if you are intrigued by the game, if you’re still tepid about it, maybe wait for the trade of the whole story. Although, I can’t wait to go back to hell.



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