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The Super Human Horde Is Still Hungry For Brains In Marvel Zombies 5!

April is swiftly becoming a hot month for genre comics. Yesterday we brought you the news that Image is planning some HUGE forays into the horror genre (“THE LIGHT”, “TURF”, “SPLATTERMAN”), and following suit Marvel has announced plans to release a 5th arc in it’s wildly popular “MARVEL ZOMBIES” series. Not only that, but they are also bringing a few character back into the fold! Read on for the preview!

“MACHINE MAN IS BACK! Zombies of the multiverse, watch your rotting backs! To obtain a cure for the zombie virus for Morbius the Living Vampire, Aaron Stack, Agent of ARMOR, must traverse alternate realities hunting down the plague in all its myriad forms…with a most unusual (but somehow oddly appropriate) partner! First up: in the Alterniverse known as “The Territory,” the Old West never died. But when the greatest gunslingers of Marveldom — Two-Gun Kid, Phantom Rider, Kid Colt, and many others — rise from their graves in Boot Hill, the stage is set for a High Noon showdown with flesh-eating outlaws the likes of which you’ve never seen! Saddle up and ride into the tale we had to call “THE DEAD AND THE QUICK!”

Since its inception back in 2005 by Robert Kirkman (“WALKING DEAD”, “HAUNT”) “MARVEL ZOMBIES” has been one of the hottest properties in the Marvel Universe. Marvel Zombies in an alternative universe in year 2149, a zombified Sentry infects the Avengers. The infection spreads via contact with the blood of the victim, usually through a bite by an infected individual. The zombified superbeings largely retain their intellect and personality, although they are constantly driven by the hunger for fresh meat.

Marvel will be unleashing the horde yet again this April 7th. (MSRP: $3.99)



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