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Horror Wizard Javier Botet to Haunt ‘The Mummy’ and Stephen King’s ‘It’

While I absolutely adore Doug Jones and everything he’s done to bring mystical and fascinating creatures to life, I’m thrilled that someone else is getting recognition for the same thing. That someone else is none other than Javier Botet, who our own John Squires wrote about just last week. Jones has brought a lot of wonder and magic to the screen but more importantly he created a fascination with the people who do such work, which is why it’s so important to keep that attention going and appreciate Botet and the terror he’s brought to the horror genre.

For example, we already know that he was the titular creature in Andy Muschietti’s Mama and was recently the “Crooked Man” in The Conjuring 2. He was featured in Crimson Peak, “The Strain”, Witching & Bitching, and the first thre [Rec] films.

But did you know that Botet has been locked down to appear in both Universal’s upcoming remake of The Mummy as well as working once again with Muschietti in the film adaptation of Stephen King’s It? Neither role has been made clear but knowing the strengths of Botet, I’m sure we’ll be seeing some truly eerie and sinister creatures in both films.

If we were to speculate, then I don’t think it’d be out of the realm of possibility for Botet to play a decrepit version of The Mummy, much like the lack-of-skin one we saw Arnold Vosloo portray in 1999. As for It, maybe we’ll be seeing a spindly, twisted version of Pennywise? Or perhaps Botet will portray the mutated spider in the climactic scene?

No matter what, Botet is going to add his own special flavor to both movies and I can’t wait to see his performance.



  • Corbin

    I’m hearing that he will play the lepper version of Pennywise! The lepper in the book was absolutely horrifying, so I hope they keep it gruesome in the new film!

    • BLKHRT

      This is one of the greatest ideas I have ever read in my life.


    This man gives amazing performances, no matter the film. To read he’s now a part of “It” has me so much more optimistic about this reboot. There’s sure to be at least one terrifying performance in-store.

  • REC03

    lets hope they don’t CGI over him like they did in Mama. that still pisses me off thinking about how creepy it COULD have been. thank god Universal isn’t producing IT they seem to have a thing for that (like The Thing prequel).

  • Redsam6

    That thing he played in Rec was wicked!

  • This makes it harder to hate on these remakes

  • Gavin Dobbs

    The casting of Botet in It makes me hopeful that they’re going to have the kaleidoscope horror sequence of the kids entering the run down and abandoned Green House.

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