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R.I.P. Michael Massee of ‘The Crow’ and ‘Se7en’ Has Passed Away at 61

Very sad news to report as it’s making its way around that actor Michael Massee has passed away at the age of 61. No reason for his passing has been released as of yet.

Massee was known for playing FunBoy in The Crow as well as the sleazy massage parlor booth guy in Se7en. He also played Ira Gaines in “24”, appeared in “The X-Files” in the episode “The Field Where I Died”, and played Andy in Lost Highway.

What I loved about watching Massee was that he had this charm to his malevolence. He managed to portray slimy yet vicious to a T and I can’t imagine his roles with anyone else in them. It’s a sad, sad day.

We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends.



  • SpacemanSpliffz

    rip, thanks for all the badass roles in badass flicks

  • Jeremy Wade


  • Man his portrayal of funboy is awesome in the crow (one of the best films ever). RIP

  • (((crimghost)))

    R.I.P. Speechless

    • MJ

      I followed your smugness on Raw Story. Was very satisfying to picture you running to the toilet in your skeleton mask as the results came in on election night. I wish you a bitter four years, homophobe.

      • (((crimghost)))

        I’m proud to say I fight along side people for LGBT rights daily, and not just online. In fact, I’m proud of everything that I am. No mask here. What’s it like scouring other people’s history like a scared little rat in NYC? Seems pretty pathetic. What’s it like to vote for the guy that promises to save your scared little self from everything that terrifies you? Does he make you feel safe, because that’s an illusion. You’ve been conned. He’s got a long history of it. He’s about himself not you. America is a notch on Donald Trump’s bedpost to him.

        Btw, Americans clearly chose Hillary Clinton. Check the popular vote numbers. The electoral college rigged it for Don the Conman. 1.8 million votes and counting. Her lead is still growing. It feels good knowing that, no matter what that orange criminal on borrowed time is calling himself.

        • MJ

          I might be a scared little rat, but I’m a much happier one than the Skelly face ! What was it like voting for a pantsuit who’d have you bowing down to Allah…or ELSE ? Do you want to meet in real life?

          • (((crimghost)))

            Why don’t you speak up on a newer comment from a newer article? You like to hide in the shadows don’t you? What does that say about you anyway? Afraid of being outnumbered huh? Boy, something I said must have really hurt your wittle feewings. I must have gotten to your conscience because you sound pretty angry and that’s hilarious.
            You’re thinking about me a lot aren’t you MJ? You might want to examine why that is too.

          • MJ

            I DO like to hide in the shadows. And I look like a cross between Goebbels and Peter Lorre. I still had enough $ to move into the Dakota though (before NYC became overpriced). And I’m sure one of the reasons I’m enjoying Trump’s win so much IS because I’m one of the deplorables who spent too much time online listening to the Shariah law crowd do their smug echo chamber thing. That’s my problem. But…he still won !

          • MJ

            No, I’m only talking to you here because I got banned by Raw Story.

        • MJ

          And your smugness WAS funny. Actually, the smugness of all of you. You probably cheered the Charlie Hebdo massacre (Hillary basically said they shouldn’t have drawn pics of Mohammad and they deserved it), as well as Bataclan and Orlando. Where did THAT come from ?

  • Sad news. He was also great in Supernatural. RIP.

  • Shayla Francis

    I loved him as Funboy in the crow and he did amazing in Supernatural and Se7en RIP

  • Baron Von Marlon

    Another great character actor that should’ve gotten more roles.

  • izihah

    Obviously, Brandon Lee came back frome the dead and avenged his murder with the help of a black bird. Nice…

    • john smith



    R.I.P. It’s always sad when a talented one among us passes .

  • SVSLee

    Ah, remember Mr Massey from a few things; 24, X-Files, Supernatural (and probably others). Very sad news.

  • Satanzilla

    “No reason for his passing has been released as of yet.”

    My guess — he stopped breathing.

  • Jago Hara-Kiri

    farewell My Friend

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