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‘Possum’ Sounds Like Classic Horror at Its Finest

Bankside will be putting forth their UK horror film Possum at this year’s AFM, per ScreenDaily, and it sounds like something incredibly fascinating.

Starring Sean Harris (pictured above in Prometheus), the film is written and directed by Matthew Holness, who is creator of the comedy series “Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace”.

The story is about a disgraced children’s puppeteer who returns to his childhood home and is forced to confront his wicked stepfather and the secrets that have tortured him his entire life.

Holness enthusiastically describes the movie, saying, “Possum is a supernatural horror combining the stark psycho-drama of George Romero’s ‘Martin’ with the uncanny terror of ‘Dead Of Night’. The film draws on the dark nightmares of silent expressionist horror, British classics such as ‘The Innocents’ and ‘Don’t Look Now’, as well as the claustrophobic suburban gothic of Pete Walker’s ‘Frightmare’. Possum will terrify in the best tradition of classic horror cinema, evoking an atmosphere of supernatural dread and creeping horror.

From the site, the film will be produced by, “…James Harris, Mark Lane, Robert Jones and Wayne Marc Godfrey of The Fyzz Facility with production finance from Ingenious and The Fyzz Facility.



  • Grimphantom

    The secret is that he’s half human half possum since his mother is a possum….i mean what else does the title mean? XD

    • Jeff Eastwood

      In British movies and TV shows I’ve heard “possum” used as an affectionate nickname so it could be that.

  • Hash-Slinging Slasher

    “So and so returns to their childhood home to discover hidden secrets about the family’s past that reveal a dark such and such, when the line between reality and insanity begins to blur.” – as cliche as a group of teens going camping for the weekend

  • I’m picturing creepy Possum puppet a’la PIN.

    • Creepshow

      Did you peter-out on your Halloween Challenge? You left me hanging with no week 4. I was waiting for The Greasy Strangler to show up on ‘Sloppy Sunday’. Haha!

      • No. Lol. I’m a terrible person. I didn’t peter out, I’ve just been so busy since I got back from vacation I haven’t had a chance to write up the article. I’ve been working on a presentation for a potential promotion at work AND have been fighting a nasty cold. I’ll have the write up this weekend. Will Greasy make the cut? Who knows? Ahh, the suspense.

        • Creepshow

          Alright man, you had me worried. I thought you got abducted by aliens or a random clown. And you are the furthest thing from a terrible person. Myself on the other hand…

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