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‘Primal Rage’ Trailer Introduces a Badass New Bigfoot Monster

This looks like Predator… with a Sasquatch.

There’s certainly no shortage of Bigfoot horror movies out there, but the reality is, most of them aren’t worth your time. My personal favorite? Ryan Schifrin’s Abominable, released in 2006. Some other ones worth checking out include The Legend of Boggy Creek and Bobcat Goldthwait’s Willow Creek, but the list really ends there. Bottom line? We need more GOOD Bigfoot movies.

Maybe Primal Rage is the one we’ve been waiting for?

Patrick Magee is a special effects makeup artist who has worked on Beyond Re-Animator, Dark Ride, and Zombie Strippers, and he makes his directorial debut with this year’s Primal Rage: The Legend of Oh-Mah. Given his effects background, we can expect that his incarnation of Bigfoot will be better looking than most, and the trailer suggests that to indeed be the case.

In the film, listed as coming soon:

A newly reunited young couple’s drive through the Pacific Northwest turns into a nightmare as they are forced to face nature, unsavory locals, and a monstrous creature, known to the Native Americans as Oh-Mah.

Primal Rage is said to “blow the lid off traditional Bigfoot Mythology, offering up an intelligent, cunning, primitive warrior being, cloaked in ancient Native American mystique.

Check out the first trailer below.

The cast includes Casey Gagliardi, Andrew Joseph Montomery, and veteran character actors Marshal Hilton, Eloy Casados and Justin Rain.



  • Blade4693

    The inner child in my thought this might possibly have had something to do with Primal Rage (The 90s fighting game) lol

    I left sad 🙁

    • Matt

      I was thinking the same thing. Still looks like it could be fun.

      • Blade4693

        Of course, I think this will be good. I like the idea of connecting it to certain Native American’s because based on my understanding bigfoot/Sasquatch is something many tribes believe in.

  • Rez

    Ill watch this for sure!

  • looks good. Exists was really good too

    • zombie84_41

      Yes Exists is a nice film.

  • zombie84_41

    Well thats nice. At least he has a lot of screen time.

  • BloodyDisgusted

    Not even an honorable mention for Harry and the Hendersons? Fuck John Squires. (And not in a rubbers and lube sort of way.)

    • John Squires

      Love that movie, but it’s not a horror movie!

      • Satanzilla

        Not all critics would agree with you … some found it horrible indeed.

  • The effects look top notch which is reason enough to give it a try in the age of 16bit digital creature features.

  • Creepshow

    I wonder if the beast farts a noxious gas, like in the video game Primal Rage?

    • Satanzilla


      • Creepshow

        If they are gonna rob the title, and have a similar looking beast…then I want a nasty “egg fart cloud” as a defense mechanism.
        I’d say that’s a fair trade.

    • Frank Gambino

      Lmao I remember that shit! That was one of my fav arcade games.

  • Joe Smith

    Exists was a decent Bigfoot movie.

    • Halloween_Vic

      Still the best big foot film to me.

  • Aberrant Dabbler

    Looks like a lot of fun.

  • Frank Lloyd Jr

    Oh-Mah-Ha: The Legend Of Peyton Manning.

  • Munchie


  • Carl Griffiths

    I wish movies would stop vilifying ‘Bigfoot’, he’s names Dave and he’s a ruddy nice bloke.

    • Satanzilla

      Oh I thought the movie would be about Uma Thurman…

      • nicholasmwalker


      • Yakushiji Tenzen

        I thought it was a biography on Sarah Jessica Parker.

  • alan70

    Wow this looks GREAT!!

  • nicholasmwalker

    ok i’m sold

  • Brian McNatt

    This would be more interesting if you replaces Bigfoot with Jason Voorhees. Now that’d be a wilde direction for that franchise to go!

  • sweetooth0

    Looks good. I’m down for some bigfoot!

  • Geno1987

    So this isn’t the videogame?

  • Randy Moses

    Bigfoot a’la Predator. Interesting idea! Plus, add bonus points for it being a guy in a costume, instead of some cheap CGI. (Take care of the costume, and you can re-use it in sequels). I might just have to check this one out.

  • Halloween_Vic

    So has anyone seen “Exist”? Honestly I’m a little baffled you guys didn’t mention it as one of the greater big foot films. To this day “Exist” is the best Bigfoot horror film adaption and one of the best found footage films made period. And is also genuinely scary in my opinion. This film looks decent and I love a good creature feature so I’ll check this out but still doesn’t look anywhere near as good as “Exist” which is still to me the scariest big foot film.

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