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Rare is the modern horror short that is both genuinely effective on a visceral level and doubles as an inspired throwback to films that utilized atmosphere, sound design, pacing, and a genuine understanding of primordial fears.

As children, we’ve all been apprehensive of the dark, brooding corners of the structural underbelly of our dwelling – there’s a deep-seeded psychological component to this; be that Freudian intuition or just base survival instinct.  The Basement has always been a fixture of the genre, a cornerstone of our psyche, and a place where nightmares breed. Director Trev Renney has taken these primitive fears and buried them deep in his new film, The Basement, a horrifyingly effective, deliberately paced search for the unknown. Highlighted by a great sound mix which mixes odd ambient tones with a generally ominous underscore, the film also possesses a confident, sharp and efficient cutting scheme by editor Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux, and some really striking cinematography; eerily reminiscent of the H.R. Giger-inspired aesthetic prominent in Alien (consequently, this is why I cut the trailer in such a fashion).  The film’s foundation is bolstered by strong, assured direction from Renney who never deviates in his approach and is uniquely successful in balancing a slow-burn opening with a devilishly scary denouement.

Any successful synthesis of the psych-thriller dynamic and true horror yarn will always make impulse, desire, and fear the pillars of creation and consequently, the scariest stories are always the ones conceived in our subconscious. The Basement is a terrific reminder that the darkest component of the human spirit will always be its imagination.

– Ben Lewandowski

World of Death is the web series that fans of independent horror have been waiting for.  Featuring short horror films from all over the globe created by the largest variety of talent that a collection has ever been able to boast, WOD provides plenty of blood, guts, screams and laughs for all fans of the macabre.  And with episodes averaging around eight minutes in length, WOD is the perfect entertainment for a fan base constantly on the go.  Watch it anywhere, at any time, for FREE! New episodes premiere every Monday and Thursday at 10am CST.






  • Johnny Moomoo

    I want more…….didnt want this short to end! What a bummer!

  • Dinglebobman

    This epiosde was stupid cause it didn’t put a big impact on the viewers as previous epiosde plus it is called world of death not world of mystery cause we have no idea what happened to alan like is alive or dead plus the girls did not die either plus what was in the basement we never got to see inside WTF? I wish there was a part 2 to this awnsering this questions i have?

  • Evan3

    So cool for WOD to get a world premiere but… COME ON! A jump scare does not = a horror film. The end was a total cop-out, not even the remotest hint as to what happened. The film was oozing with talent (particularly the masterful editing in the staircase scene), but you have to have some coherent payoff to a story. This just didn’t have it.

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