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‘The Dark Tower’ Poster Flips the World on its Head!

The first poster for Columbia Pictures’ The Dark Tower is a stunner, giving off an Inception vibe mixed with a little Doctor Strange.

On it we see the back of Idris Elba as Gunslinger Roland Deschain, who roams an Old West-like landscape in search of the dark tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his dying world. He’s accompanied by Jake Chambers (Tom Taylor), with Matthew McConaughey playing the Man in Black.

The film is not a direct adaptation of any of the books in the series from author Stephen King but is rather a continuation and semi-amalgamation of what’s already out there. It’s hinted that the film takes place towards the end of Deschain’s journey.

The film also stars Fran Kranz, Jackie Earle Haley, Abbey Lee, and Kathryn Winnick.

The Dark Tower, which was recently delayed to July 28, 2017, was directed by Nikolaj Arcel and produced by Akiva Goldman, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, and Erica Hughes.



  • Cappy Tally

    Funny how the title is “The Dark Tower” and yet the negative space between the upside-down buildings creates a sort of “light” tower.

    • Shaun Dixon

      Nice catch!

    • Larousse

      Exactly what i was going to say to the ones that point there is no Tower on this poster. I think it’s pretty subtle and it’s cool !

  • Remember the Drew Struzand Dark Tower poster in the opening of The Mist?

    • C.R.

      Yes! i hope we see a bit of todash in the movie and those big dinosaur robot looking mist creatures are stomping around.

  • Mtoomb

    A Dark Tower poster without the Dark Tower??

    • GreigShelob

      To me it looks as if it’s there, it’s not black, it’s the sky.

  • greaseygranny

    A Dark Tower poster without the book characters? No thanks, I shall pass on this liberal turd….

    • Bryant Burnette

      You’ve got other things to occupy your time, I’m sure. Them robes don’t wash themselves.

      • greaseygranny

        Not at all. I just enjoy pointing out that this agenda is dead. The decade of appeasement is over. Yet another reason this turd will sink miserably.

        • Bryant Burnette

          It might; in fact, I think it probably will. It won’t be for the reasons you think.

          Have fun in the basket with the rest of the deplorables, though. It won’t last, so I’d recommend savoring it while you can.

          • Runciter

            come on, look at him!
            he is SO enlightened!
            be thankful for his kind so we will always have ignorant idiots to die for us, and we don’t have to send our valuable people into wars!

          • greaseygranny

            Well, Christ knows your vagina blood fart arse isn’t going to serve our country. Nothing funnier than a basement dweller that pokes fun of someone’s profile pic but doesn’t sport his own.

            But, I understand your hate. It’s tough to be 350lbs, living in your mothers basement. Now you’re being forced out to get a job for the first time at the age of 40. It sucks to be you. In more ways than one, I’m sure.

          • turk

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            And seriously? The “you live in your mother’s basement” tripe? What’s next? You going to call him a “snowflake”? Such a razor sharp wit on you…

          • greaseygranny

            Turk. How bout I come over there, hold you down and pee in your butt right in front of your parents? I can even shove a mirror in front of your face so you can watch your own facial expressions and snot bubbles blow in and out of your nose. And as your chili ring is over flowing like a 3rd graders volcano science project, I can explain to your parents the many benefits of them throwing you out of the basement….

          • turk

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          • greaseygranny

            Threats of violence? Bwahahahahaha. Thought pee in the butt would be right down your alley. At this rate Turd, I mean turk, you’re going to eat yourself into an early grave, so arguing with you is quite pointless. I’ll catch you in the obituary section. Not due to me nor violence, but due to your horrid obesity. Eat up, we can use the space here in the states to harbor more illegals in your stead.

          • KCohere

            Why do you think it will sink?

          • Bryant Burnette

            I don’t get any sense that Sony is interested in spending much money on a marketing campaign, and without one, it’s dead in the water regardless of quality.

    • turk

      Stop being a hypocrite and avoid all liberal entertainment. And then go enjoy watching Wilford Brimley oatmeal commercials and “Charles in Charge” reruns for the rest of your miserable life.

      • greaseygranny

        Will do. And we can meet back here a month after the movie release to see whom is right or wrong. In the meantime, continue reading Batman comic books, my happy go lucky dork.

        • turk

          While all evidence indicates you aren’t too bright, even I’m impressed by the way your response has absolutely nothing to do with my post. And, coincidentally, most comic books are written and drawn by liberals. So, you’re shut out of that entertainment medium as well. More proof conservatives have very little imagination or ability to think beyond their own thick skulls.

          • greaseygranny

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          • turk

            Reading comprehension. Please point out where I commented at all on the success or failure of this movie.

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          • greaseygranny

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          • greaseygranny

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          • turk

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          • greaseygranny

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      • SpacemanSpliffz

        hey, you leave wilford brimley out of this. he was in one of the best horror movies of all time, and is therefore exempt from criticism.

    • Mike Blackwell

      I see three book characters in that poster… :

  • Zachary Devin Burton

    This poster sucks… I love the artwork on the rivised cover for the gunslinger.. use that with Elba and I would be super pumped

  • Prince Of Darkness

    This movie could very well fail. When the Dark Tower was released, King readers were split in their liking of the series. Half liked it, half didn’t. When King took a hiatus from the books for several years, his writing style had changed drastically and when he returned, many readers abandoned them. Most of the core audience for the original novels has honestly moved on and couldn’t care less about the movie.

    • SpacemanSpliffz

      another armchair critic trying to speak for everyone else…

      • Prince Of Darkness

        another effeminate male BD poster who goes out of his mind at any opinion that differs from his own. My opinion has little bearing on the success or failure of this film or of anyone’s enjoyment of it.

        • J Jett

          your opinion has little bearing on anything or anyone. get over yourself. oh and how is what Spaceman Spliffz said “effeminate”? projecting much?

          • Prince Of Darkness

            Comments are for anyone to express an honest opinion on a story. My comment targeted no one, it was merely my prediction on whether this movie will be a success or not. And J Jett, the whole “get over yourself” and “projecting much?” is so old it really has no impact anymore. Maybe if you spent more time working on yourself and less time emotionally policing everyone else’s opinions, your life wouldn’t be the train wreck of clinical depression and thinly veiled self loathing that you have implied it is. I’m sure your mom would be proud when you call people cunts as an insult.

          • SpacemanSpliffz

            the claims you make in your original post are not based on facts, they’re based on your own opinions. you’re speaking for an entire legion of fans that you don’t know, or know what they’re thinking. do yourself a favor and google the definition of what an armchair critic is, and you’ll find that i was correct in my original assessment based on your ridiculous claims. also, you should google the definition of effeminate as you clearly have no idea what that word’s meaning is either. the irony of your reply is beyond delicious, by the way. catch ya on the flip side, turnip.

          • Prince Of Darkness

            Ok, here is my revised comment. Just another attack by the
            small group of overly feminine males who have appointed themselves the politically correct thought police of BD
            comments. They can’t stand any comment that isn’t a celebration of anything they like, and can’t stand any comment that doesn’t condemn anything they dislike, so they work hard to make sure every opinion reflects their own. Their reactions can range from a crude, girlish, hissy fit, to attempting to sound overly intellectual in an attempt to mask the fact that they are engaging in censorship of a thought or idea that they do not agree with. You simply could have disagreed and said you believe the film will be a success but your delicate psyche demanded that you discredit the person instead of their opinion.
            Hey, I enjoyed the film Tron Legacy even though the majority
            of the fans hated it. That’s cool, it has no impact on my enjoyment of the film. I don’t go around pitching a hissy fit and demanding that other people remain quiet in their dislike for the film because it makes me feel all sad and angry that people don’t like something that I do.
            My opinion is based upon the idea that any film can either
            be a success or failure. It’s based upon the fact that many people I know who used to be fans of the series have lost interest in the books over time and show no interest in the film version. It’s based upon the fact that the Dark Tower
            series was an acquired taste among King readers. In short, the story may be too out there for the average moviegoer to embrace.

        • Tiger Quinn

          Effeminate. You’re very lucky to be behind that computer screen.

      • Prince Of Darkness

        Just another attack by a small group of overly feminine males who have
        appointed themselves the thought police of BD. They can’t stand anything
        that doesn’t celebrate what they like, and they can’t stand anything
        that doesn’t condemn what they don’t like, so they work to make sure all
        opinions reflect their own. Their reactions can range from a crude,
        girlish hissy fit (J Jett) to attempting to sound overly intellectual
        (spaceman) in an attempt to mask the fact that they are basically just
        censoring another posters opinion. You simply could have disagreed and
        said you believe I am wrong and that the film will be a success, but
        your delicate psyche and feelings demanded you discredit the poster as
        well as his opinion.You don’t see me pitching a fit because someone
        didn’t like a movie that I did. My opinion is based on the fact that any
        movie can succeed or fail. I know many people who were big fans of the
        books at first, but lost interest as the series ran on and King’s
        writing style changed. And it could be the simple fact that the story is
        just too out there for the average moviegoer.

    • DS Ullery

      I have to disagree about the core audience having moved on. Every time an article pops up concerning the film, the resulting comment thread demonstrates that people are unquestionably still interested in the Dark Tower.
      Now, as to the movie potentially failing? You may be right. I just think it’ll be due to some inexplicably shoddy marketing, not a lack of attention from the fanbase. Movies have to reach a wider audience than the source material to compete and many of the people I know who don’t share my love of King’s work have no idea what this is. Nor are they particularly interested in finding out. That’s not a good sign. This far along, we should have had more than posters or stills from the production. This project is way overdue for a proper trailer. For something so long in the making, the build up to the release has felt remarkably muted.

  • Bran

    Never read the books… so for anyone upset by this film, relax. See it for what it is… a 90-120 minute commercial for the book series. I watched Jurassic Park, Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Edge of Tomorrow, etc before reading the books they were based on, and discovered the books were better. If this means that more people will end up reading Stephen King books, then so be it.

    Poster looks awesome, though.

  • SpacemanSpliffz

    you just fucking know that’s lud, and gasher’s gonna be in it!!!! nerd boner!!!!!

    • Jack Derwent

      Nope, just NY. Apparently most of the film takes place there. :/

      • SpacemanSpliffz

        nooooo skunked again!!

  • Carl Chrystan

    Oh my word! I scrolled beneath the article to see intelligent comments regarding The Dark Tower, but instead see a trolling bitch fest! Shame. I spent about 70 hours of my life disappointed by the books. I was hoping for comments on why the series was awesome that might make me think and reconsider. Ah well…

  • Kyle Diamond

    I think they are going to begin at the end. That wouldn’t be a book adaptation at all, technically.

  • Jada Maes

    It’s going to be awesome.

    I don’t care that it’s not a straight-up adaptation of The Gunslinger. It seems that they’re adopting elements from all the books at once, and if the series gets off the ground we’ll get Eddie and Susannah and Flagg and the Slow Muties…

    If you don’t want to see it, then don’t, but don’t try to insult those of us who KNOW Idris Elba is a sexy beast 🙂

  • Jeff

    Why are there always political arguments on here? BD needs a forum moderator.

  • nicholasmwalker

    i like how the negative space is the silhouette of the dark tower

  • Jada Maes

    Has anyone else found the two creatures hiding in the top of the image with Walter? I say the armored one is a Slow Mutant and the other is vampire or taheen.

  • I am on the last book. hooked and I love the description of this world and the bizarre set-pieces. However, I cannot see Matthew Mc as Walter. The character requires more sinister facial features if you get my drift. But who knows…they might pull it off. Although I am disappointed that Roland is not a Clint eastwood lookalike (as he is in the book), Idris Elba is a win for me. This man can make anything awesome.

  • Rez

    The poster is OK but I’m pumped for this movie as long as Mcconaughey can pull it off. That is my main concern….otherwise I can’t wait….just my opinion!

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