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‘Extinction of the Dead’ Concludes George A. Romero’s Zombie Series


Update: This is our April Fool’s Day joke for 2017

After battling zombies for a half century, George A. Romero is hanging up the shotgun.

With 2018 marking the 50th anniversary of Romero’s 1968 Night of the Living Dead, the 77-year-old filmmaker will conclude the franchise next year with the release of Extinction of the Dead, which will be directed from his own screenplay. Last we heard, Romero couldn’t find funding for his zombie noir film, which was secretly this project, says the Maple Beat.

The site says Extinction is “about mankind’s last stand where a couple finds themselves back at the house where it all began in 1968. There, they must stave off a horde of zombies who are rotting so badly that their limbs are falling off. Who will make their last stand and avoid extinction?

Extinction of the Dead marks Romero’s seventh and final foray into the zombie world, following Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead and lastly, Survival of the Dead.

AMC has also been developing the television series, “Empire of the Dead”, which was first reported on back in 2015.

Ironically, Romero has been very vocal about his disdain for AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, which is the main reason for Extinction of the Dead.

“The younger generation of zombie fans need to know how it all started,” said Romero, further adding, “and I’m going to be the one to end it. Entertainment like ‘The Walking Dead’ lack sophistication and relatable social situations, making it empty calorie viewing. I want to show the world one last time what zombies are really all about.”

Shooting commences on Monday with a release slated for April 1, 2018.

Romero, we salute you!




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