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Los Angeles Gets a Tim Burton-themed Restaurant

When going to Chili’s isn’t going to cut it, those in New York could take a trip to Beetle House, a Tim Burton-themed restaurant and bar inspired by all things dark and lovely. It’s been such a popular attraction that they’ve expanded to another huge market, Los Angeles, offering Gothic delights to those in California.

While they are in no way affiliated with Tim Burton or Warner Bros., they are an independently owned and operated bar and restaurant run by some super fans of Tim Burton, horror films and all things Halloween. They have used their our own artistic adaptation to create food and drinks that they believe are inspired by and inspire
this type of art.

Of course, if this were to open in Chicago, the first drink I would order would be “The Beetles juice”, made with muddled blackberry and limes, Tequila, Blackberry schnapps, Angostura bitters, and a splash of cranberry. There’s also the hilarious “Barnabas Collins”, “Coco skellington” and “This is Halloween!” Of course, I’ll order anything Pee-Wee related.

Visit the official website to make reservations, or click below for theor Facebook page.



  • Dr. Acula

    inb4 80% of people who use this site, who just use it as a picture book and don’t actually read the article and start complaining about how the original Beetle Juice looked better, and assuming this is an article about a remake.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    What the hell is this? The original Beetlejuice looks better than this crappy remake!! I wish they’d stop flooding my picturebook with all this foolishness!

    • Jaysin

      Glad to see you took the time to read the article…

      • Vesuvian Villain

        I’m glad that you’re glad. I was responding to Acula in jest. The only other comment here…..

        More dots. I win.

        • Jaysin

          Noooooo! Anything but more dots! I beg of thee

        • Randy Moses

          I got your joke, VV. 🙂

  • Living Dead Girl Nicole

    My original artwork will be featured on the wall at the new LA location! So honored to be a part of this vision that is a dedication to Tim Burton who has inspired me in so many ways!

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