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Quentin Tarantino Wrote and Will Direct a Manson Family Movie

Many movies about Charles Manson and the horrific murders committed by his “family” have been made over the years. But we’re thinking this is going to be the definitive one.

THR reports tonight that Quentin Tarantino has written a script for a movie based on the infamous Manson family murders, and he’s set to direct the untitled project. Frequent Tarantino producers Harvey and Bob Weinstein are attached.

The site notes that Tarantino is currently finishing up the script, and that Jennifer Lawrence and Brad Pitt have already been approached. Neither actor, however, is involved in any official capacity at this time.

“Script details are fuzzy but one of the story’s centers is on Sharon Tate, the actress and wife of director Roman Polanski who was murdered by Manson and his followers in 1969.”

The project is soon being shopped to studios to co-finance and co-distribute.

The shoot could begin as early as Summer 2018.



  • Darkknight2149

    I prefer Tarantino making original pictures, but this is still exciting… Obviously, because he’s Quentin Tarantino.

  • Fuzz

    Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

  • dukeblues

    Helter Skelter is still my favorite

  • Matt Miller

    I don’t know how it fits with Tarantino’s style but I can’t wait to see.

  • Matt Gleason

    I’m a Tarantino fan and a long time student of ‘The Family’, Manson et. Al. I cannot see this going well if QT takes an already over the top subject and turbo charges it with his own brand (like QT Nazis) of garish decadence. Maybe he’ll surprise me but I have that same feeling I had when Weinstein turned the Halloween reins over to Zombie.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Joaquin Phoenix as Manson and we are good to go.

      • Meisha’s Taint

        I see your Jaaquin Phoenix and raise you a Tom Hardy……………

    • Matt Miller

      Also, I mean, this was a horrible thing that happened for real, and giving it the over the top characters and style of Tarantino’s brand doesn’t seem the most appropriate approach to the subject. It could even be seen as bad taste.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      How dare you compare Tarantino to Zombie. How dare you

  • Frank Gambino

    Oh man…

  • sliceanddice

    I only hopes he pays the icky subject matter due respect and dignity. It’s not something to be stylised, i don’t think. Make a movie, by all means. But have it reflect the real life horror and tragedy that was the events of those murders.

  • Sounds interesting, and will of course will be great in spite of anyone’s misgivings because QT.

  • festivvl

    Thank god he’s over Westerns! He’s an underrated thriller director, Death Proof is under appreciated!

    • Ocelot006 .

      Was Hateful Eight not a thriller to you?

      • blackie_chan

        probably wasn’t because it was a western. haha

        • Ocelot006 .

          A western can’t be a thriller?

          • Meisha’s Taint

            Sure it can. No Country for Old Men is a perfect example

    • Neto Ribeiro

      Hateful Eight was a great thriller in the last 90 minutes

      • festivvl

        oh god you’re all right, i’ve made a terrible mistake. I was going to write “horror”, then thought people would get mad I called it a horror movie so I called it a thriller w/o considering that all of his movies are thrillers.

    • IKR?! Death Proof is actually my favorite movie from Tarantino! But nobody likes it :/

  • Demetra

    I can see Jennifer Lawrence as Sharon Tate

  • sixfeetdownsouth

    Wow. This is another grindhouse movie. I smell Jim Van Bebber.

  • Tor from Yucca Flats

    stop giving this idiot attention, hes one of the most boring criminals in history, and his dumbass, naive, willless sacks of meat ‘fan girls’ who followed in his command murdered someone who is very well respected in Hollywood, so I hope her friends and fans boycott this shite. The guy is still alive, which makes him even more boring and hasn’t said anything interesting since he was behind bars.

    • American Atheist

      I totally agree.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Dude there are many ways to describe Manson but boring is not one of them………

  • American Atheist

    I’ve lost interest in Tarantino. Maybe if he did Kill Bill 3 or a Vega Brothers movie I’d be interested. Jennifer Lawrence and a lame ass Manson glorification movie does nothing for me.

    • Roger Wade

      great stuff

    • Jimi Hendrix

      Translation: I’m not interested in new things. I just want to see Tarantino rehash movies he’s already made.

      • American Atheist

        A Manson movie is a new thing? LOL.
        Tarantino is a genius for coming up with such an original story. You must be easily entertained.

        All of Tarantino’s movies are based off of 70’s movies/shows. Not too original.

        • Jimi Hendrix

          Slamming Tarantino for being unoriginal, while crying about him not giving you a third Kill Bill and a spin-off with his characters from Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Brilliant.

          A Manson movie would be new for Tarantino. The levels of ignorance contained in your comments is making my eyes water.

          • American Atheist

            Quit sucking Tarantino’s dick so much and your eyes will quit watering.

    • Hack Snyder

      I don’t get the demand for Kill Bill 3, the Bribe’s story was nicely wrapped up and I don’t really care about her daughter.

      • American Atheist

        He did say it’s a trilogy unless he’s talking out of his ass again.

  • Chad Kuhns

    I personally hope that whatever form this takes, it’s a story that involves Tarantino’s own uniquely created characters in a story that simply inhabits the world and time of the Manson murders. Adhering to history with existing characters robs Tarantino of his greatest creative gift

  • KnightDrive

    No Jennifer Lawrence…please…NOT HER.

  • Joey Chahin

    I’m actually curious to see how this turns out.

  • I Am Colossus

    I’ll watch anything Tarantino makes….this makes total sense to me

  • Dr. Carrion Crow

    This could be good if QT learns to hold back. He’s just becoming so self-indulgent. I didn’t care for Hateful Eight, but I’ll not give up hope yet.

  • TomB

    Lee Marvin rescues Sharon Tate from the Manson family. It’s gonna be like point Blank meets
    Helter Skelter!!

  • Poopispoopy

    How many times will his Manson say the n word?

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Oh my God, this is going to be horrifying.


    This is the best news of the day 😀

  • Lady Bathory

    I usually like Tarantino’s films (with one exception) and I’m sure this one will have fantastic dialogue and will be stylistically impressive. However, I don’t really get this Manson hype. This guy didn’t even kill anyone but had his groupies do all the work.
    Also, calling himself a guru is cultrual appropriation of far eastern religions! Jk xD But yeah, I’m not interested in Manson but rather in Tarantino’s version of the story,

    • HalesTales

      I understand you not getting Manson because it took me a while to wrap my head around it, but think about it: this man, a short man too at around five feet tall, manipulated others to do his bidding. He was a cult leader. He would drug girls with LSD and tell them he was Jesus. The fact he never had to personally get his hands dirty is fascinating.

      • Richard Cosgrove

        He was Jeremy Corbyn without the drugs.

      • Necro

        Well said! I have a ton of books about true crime and serial killers. For the longest time I had that opinion about the fascination with Manson. Not until recently did I really think about the power of his ability to manipulate and get his ‘followers’ to do some truly evil shit. Head scratching but fascinating at the same time.

        • HalesTales

          Right on, Necro! I’m a big true crime and serial killer book enthusiast myself. It’s one thing for a person who to conceive acts of murder, but it’s a whole other beast who can convince another person, or group of people, to participate on their behalf. Cult leaders are incredibly intriguing.

          • Necro

            Oh I know, I mean one person is hard so throw in multiple people with different personalities and all that. Very interesting stuff.

            Since you’re a serial killer fan like me I’ll ask. I don’t know how recent this news is. I watched a program on a study that this one guy thinks H. H. Holmes was actually Jack the Ripper to. I don’t know if I entirely buy that. You ever hear that?

          • HalesTales

            I have heard that and sadly, it sounds more like fan fiction than anything plausible. The Ripper Murders occurred in 1888 and Holmes was hanged in 1886. It would have been neat to have such a wide-spread killer, but alas it was not he.

  • Alanmac

    Will Polanski’s pedophilia be included?

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Seems like a very different direction for him. This excites me

  • HalesTales

    This is the best news I’ve heard all month!

  • ConnieHinesDorothyProvine

    If anyone can make a movie about that story, it’s Quentin Tarantino.

  • Ima Badlady

    I just remember that the Columbine shooters said that they hoped that Tarantino would make a movie about them someday…

    • Ryan

      isn’t that freaky?

    • Gjk2012

      They might get their wish with his final 10th film. Strange that this film will be the first nonfiction film for him.

  • Necro

    Well this should be brutally violent.

  • Necro

    I have a question off topic. No big deal, but upon release of ‘The Hateful Eight’ (which I really liked) they kept advertising it as his eighth film that he directed when it wasn’t his eighth film it was his ninth. Unless they count the ‘Kill Bill’ films as one big film I’m not seeing it. Anyone?

    1) Reservoir Dogs 2) Pulp Fiction 3) Jackie Brown 4) Kill Bill 1 5) Kill Bill 2 6) Inglorious Basterds 7) Death Proof 8) Django Unchained 9) The Hateful Eight

    • I’m pretty sure he counts Kill Bill as a single movie, as that was his original intention for the release until the studio balked at putting out a film that long (4-plus hour films mean fewer showings per day, which means less opportunity for ticket sales, so it’s more difficult to place it with theaters). At one point, it had been announced that we were supposed to get an edition of the film edited back together into a single movie, as was originally intended, but that doesn’t seem to have ever come to pass.

      • Necro

        Cool thanks for responding! I actually had someone tell me that Tarantino didn’t count ‘Death Proof’ as one of his ‘normal’ films. As the likes of Pulp, Django, and such. I also had another person tell me he didn’t count it (Death Proof) cuz it was a Horror film and he doesn’t normally due the genre and with that he just wasn’t proud of it altogether. Needless to say I didn’t buy that at all.

        • Hack Snyder

          I think Tarantino considers Death Proof to be his worst film but he doesn’t have any prejudice against it because it’s a horror film. Tarantino is a massive horror fan and would never ever discount a film for being horror.

          • Necro

            Yeah that much I do know. I remember reading about ‘Death Proof’ in Fangoria and he talked at length about his love for the genre. Yeah the person that tried to tell me that bullshit got an earful from me.

      • Chris

        There are a couple fan edits that do this. Amazing work.

    • Hack Snyder

      Tarantino considers Kill Bill to be one film. Tarantino is obsessed with his own legacy and plans on retiring from directing after he makes his 10th film.

      • Necro

        Ok thanks! Yeah it was the only thing that made sense

  • Hack Snyder

    I really like Tarantino and I think a Manson family film could be very interesting but I don’t want Tarantino to direct a Manson family film. I’m sure he would do a good job but he only has two films left and he still hasn’t made a scary horror film.

    • The real reason is if it’ll actually happen,since QT frequently announces projects that never happen as everyone might remember that FRIDAY THE 13TH. project he once loudly proclaimed he was planning on making(but never got around to it).

    • Nick Botic

      I highly doubt he’ll make either of his (supposed) last two films horror. Say he does this one, I’d imagine #10 would be a return to original form and be a crime film.

  • fannypack aficionado

    I like the idea of Tarantino tackling this one, but I have a strange feeling I’ll still enjoy Jim Van Bebber’s movie better.

  • Simon Says

    This should be amazingly good with Tarantino’s gift for gab.

  • Forsythe Jones

    Jim Van Bebber’s The Manson Family was pretty much the final word on “Manson films”. Q can certainly come close to matching it (his dialogue-heavy style and constant pop-culture references of the time puts him at a distinct disadvantage, this story is not well-served with half-hour long bits of clever rambling and almost no action) but I seriously doubt it.

  • Corgen1988

    Manson was rabidly racist, so that gives Quentin the space he needs to drop 100 N-words in his script.

    • Eastman420

      Love how everyone thinks he’s racist. He uses the n word because in his movies that’s how those types of people talk. Everyone bitching about Django….yeah that’s how slave owners and racist folk talked.

      • Michael Adamson

        Uh huh, yet his character is from down under and says “blackie” while every one else drops the N word. I just think it is funny he made himself Austrailian to get a loophole lol.9

        • Mr Double Digits

          He said N***er in Pulp Fiction. Like 4 times. The dude has no problem scripting himself to say it.

    • El_Fez

      I’m still stuck on figuring out how he’ll fit in his foot fetish shots. Wanking to a Manson Family movie seems . . . creepy.

  • John Marshall

    Lt. Aldo Raine gonna make the Manson’s forehead scar

  • thetaxmaan

    Go figure our favorite race-bait porn director see’s potential for more of his brand of entertainment in the Charles Manson/Helter Skelter story.

    Can he top the 748 N-words from Django Unchained?
    Will he blame charles manson on Donald Trump?

  • Dead-behavoir

    christoph waltz to play Charles Manson would be awesome!

  • Is he the right choice? This movie would have to have a serious, almost documentary approach. Think Zodiac by Fincher. Tarantino is great, but most his movies are borderline spoofs.

  • Gjk2012

    This is something that Rob Zombie would make into a movie but Tarantino?

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