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‘John Wick’ Director Will Summon a Death Demon for ‘Kill or Be Killed’ Adaptation

Would you kill… to stay alive?

THR reports today that John Wick director Chad Stahelski will re-team with Wick producer Basil Iwanyk for Kill or Be Killed, an adaptation of the Ed Brubaker comic book series that debuted just last year. Stahelski will direct the adaptation.

Dan Casey is attached to pen the script.

“The project tells of a depressed college student who attempts suicide. He survives due to unlikely events but is soon visited by a demon who explains that he was the one who spared the student’s life. But there’s a price to be paid: Going forward, the young man will be allowed to live one month for every person he kills.”

Erica Lee and Jeff Waxman (mother!) will also produce.



  • Matt Graupman

    I’ve read some of the comics; they’re decent, and could definitely translate well into a movie.

  • Marla

    More unrealistic gun violence.

  • Jason Allen Brown

    I just saw this comic at Books A Million today. Thought nothing of it.

  • ShadowInc

    For a sec, I saw KILL OR BE KILLED, and thought they were updating the James Ryan karate film.

  • Necro

    Ok help me understand this; the depressed student was attempting suicide and the ONLY reason he was unsuccessful was because of this demon? So for said student to be allowed to keep on living (which he clearly doesn’t want to do if he was trying to kill himself) all he has to do is kill someone and be allowed to live for a month per person he kills. So the decision for him must be real easy, not kill anyone cuz he wants to die anyway! That’s pretty much it right? Well unless I’m missing something vital here or there’s something else tied in that will spoil it if it were said, this sounds stupid! Maybe change the suicide aspect of it to where the student is somehow forced into taking this deal and it would be a better storyline. He’s being forced to pay a price to continue living, but him attempting suicide tells me he doesn’t want to live, so why kill anyone?

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