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Netflix Performing David Bruckner’s ‘The Ritual’ This February!

Netflix’s next horror gift is coming just before Valentine’s Day as Bloody Disgusting can confirm that David Bruckner’s The Ritual will hit the streaming service globally on February 9, 2018.

In the film, “Reuniting after the tragic death of their best mate, four old friends from university set out to hike through the Scandinavian wilderness. But a wrong turn leads them into the dark and mysterious forests of Norse legend, where an ancient evil still exists and stalks them at every turn.

Joe Lipsett reviewed the film out of its World Premiere, explaining that it “make audiences reconsider any plans they have to go for a hike in the woods anytime soon.

It stars Rafe Spall (The Big Short, Life of Pi), Robert James-Collier (Downton Abbey, Spike Island), Arsher Ali (Line of Duty, Four Lions) and Sam Troughton (Robin Hood, Alien vs. Predator).

The Ritual is an adaptation of Adam Nevill’s horror novel, which won the August Derleth Award for Best Horror Novel in 2012. Joe Barton wrote the screenplay. Rise of the Planet of the Apes Andy Serkis(!) produced via his The Imaginarium outfit.

Bruckner is a part of the Bloody Disgusting family having directed the “Amateur Night” segment in V/H/S and the infamous surgical sequence in Southbound. He’s also one of the directors of The Signal (2007) and nearly ended up directing the next installment of Friday the 13th. This looks like an excellent consolation prize.

Watch a handful of clips from The Ritual here.



  • Bryano

    The book was pretty good, sort of felt like two different stories, similar to how Martyrs feels like two movies. I hope the movie is good.

    • Saturn

      I cannot compare it to the book, as I’ve still to read it, but the movie itself is pretty solid. Probably in my top 10 of 2017 if I were to sit down and make a list.

      • kieron callaghan

        I haven’t seen it yet Saturn and even though i have read the book I’ve a feeling that this film may just break that golden rule in that it is actually better than the original source material.

        • Saturn

          It’s typical of a lot of British movies, in that although we don’t have the film industry we once had, and it obviously pales in significance to what’s coming out of Hollywood, you’re pretty much guaranteed that it’s acted very well. British actors have got a reputation around the world of being among the finest there are (of course, there ARE exceptions to the rule!) and the calibre of acting in The Ritual is, as you’d expect, top notch.

  • captaintrips

    I love it when the recommendations keep coming!

    • GunsOfNavarone

      That’s what I love about this site and it doesn’t stop at the editorials, it’s the community too.

      • kieron callaghan

        I couldn’t agree more with you Guns Of Navarone, through both the editorials and the BD community i have seen so many indie and foreign horror films that may have fallen off the radar of my other more mainstream film sources so many genuine thanks to you all.

        • GunsOfNavarone

          And the beauty of it is that many of the indie films turn out being better than some of the mainstream.

          • Necro

            Pardon the jump in but that’s very true! Couldn’t agree more.

  • Khy

    My eyes are failing. I thought that dude was Ryan Reynolds.

    • CelticBull

      Ryan Gosnolds.

    • Mark B

      I’m the same as you. First glance I was like “Ryan Reynolds?”

    • Vesuvian Villain

      Did you realize that’s actually the kid who’s giving Shaun shit in his “Team Meeting” in Shaun of the Dead? The one who answers his phone? I thought his face looked familiar so I looked him up. I’m sure he’d be happy to know we mistook him for Ryan Reynolds for a second.

  • Necro

    This one has had my interest ever since I heard of it.

  • Chūjitsuna Heiho

    They should stop writing such trope horror films. There are far worse horror stories from real life. I’ll give an example of some not so known ones. One of the more famous ones was caught 2008, “Ryan Jombang” alias Very Idham Henyansyah- a transvestite killer who killed 11 luring them with kindness and or sex . He burnt and mutilated the bodies. We also had a dukun (black magician) who cooked and ate dead baby corpses and stillborns to gain more magickal powers.
    So an Indonesian Jeffrey Dahmer and some lunatic.

    Then we can head over into Papua and Kalimantan to see the the dark side of animism that makes the lunatics of IS look benign.
    In the military, patrolling in Papua we saw some weird sht some of it don’t know how to explain- and we were well rested and no drugs or alcohol. Often sensation of being followed, with black shadowy figure flitting from tree to tree, but at floor level- so not a bat and Papua has no bears- no animal or humans because we had night vision at that time. Sometimes come across “fetishes” or preserved animal parts hanging from trees, sometimes clearings with animal remains- not like a hunting fire- just very strange. There are some villages which have only just stopped cannibalism- and the tree stump remain in place where they cut up the human “khakhua” (accused witch) (you can look it up in google scholar but it is Korowai language- so don’t expect much) is still right there in the village. It’s a very unsettling place. The film “Cannibal Holocaust” is a comedy compared to what happens Papua STILL in some spots both east and west of the PNG border.
    I met many US soldiers in my career. We all exchange ghost stories and yes there is a shared experience of some crazy crap that happens in forests far far away from people.

    • NOCC Monkey

      That was an interesting read. Thanks for contributing.

      • Chūjitsuna Heiho

        Welcome. Just watch liveleak for real horror.

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