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Foxy Ladies Fighting Demons FOR THE LORD – Early Review of Nuns Without Guns



The great people over at Viper Comics sent me an early copy of the their upcoming comic Nuns Without Guns today. I was a little iffy on the title and premise of the series, until I saw the first page image(below), then I actually actually said out loud “Alright, let’s do this.” Seventy odd pages later here I am here to preach about the awesomness that is Nuns Without Guns. Gather round children, similar to Moses coming down from the mountain, I am here to lead you to the comic promised land. Review after the break…
NunsWithoutGuns Through most of my education years, I went to Catholic school. We had uniforms, daily mass, religion class, and yes even Nuns. We even had a Convent on campus for all the Nuns to live in. For the most part they were great people and very helpful. Never in my years with them would I think they could be like the Nuns in Nuns Without Guns.

The story is about an organized group of 4 nuns that combat the evil that might threaten the souls on this earth. The team is your familiar four members (Ex. TMNT): Sister Marie(Leader/Leonardo), Sister Francis(Tech/Donatello), Sister Wendy(Contrast to Leader/Raphael), and Sister Bertha(Oddball-Comic Relief/Michelangelo.) What isn’t familiar is the rest of context, being Nuns that are ordered by the church to exterminate demons and evil. I don’t want to discuss the plot that much, since it’s a preview, but I do want to talk about the writing. The writing is done in a very honest and refreshing way. When the nuns are talking about Christian practices, history, or bible verses; they are accurate and make sense. While this story is in the realm of humor and fantasy, it does not make fun of the religion which is rare to find in these kind of comics. Also the dialogue between the Nuns are fun and light which really conveys that this isn’t their first rodeo.

The artwork looks straight out of Saturday morning cartoons which is just right for this series. The panels on the page are obviously thought out ahead of time with it’s easy progression of the story.

I could not get much info on the series, but I hope they are making more issues because I am already wanting more. These Demon Hunting Brides of Christ can’t be missed.
Writing by Jason M. Burns and Artwork by Erich Owen. Out Later This Year


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