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FIRST LOOK: A Sneak Peek Of ‘X-Files/30 Days Of Night’ Crossover!



When it was announced last month at the inaugural C2E2 convention in Chicago that DC Comics would be bringing readers a crossover between the popular cult horror comic book (and subsequent film adaptation) “30 DAYS OF NIGHT”, and the even more popular television show “THE X-FILES”, it seemed as if the chatter was focused on the title all weekend long. After all, the series pits 2 of the most popular entities in horror together in what can only be described with various words that I will not type out of respect for you youngins. (This is a family news snippet, do NOT make me turn it around!) Inside you can get your first look inside the title. Read on for the skinny.

“Two of the most popular horror properties of the last two decades collide in this harrowing 6-issue adventure of epic proportions! Co-writers Steve Niles (writer and co-creator of 30 Days of Night) and rockstar-turned-writer Adam Jones (the band Tool) team with the amazing, moody artistry of Tom Mandrake to unleash the ultimate comic culture crossover! When evidence of a possible cannibal killer in Wainright, Alaska, draws the attention of the FBI, Agents Mulder and Scully draw the less-than-glamorous assignment. But all is not as it seems once the agents are on the ground. Not only has the long seasonal darkness begun to fall, but there’s something unnatural about a few of the locals. And what does a chilling, mysterious black ship have to do with the murders? Find out here! Co-published with IDW.”

“X-FILES/30 DAYS OF NIGHT” Is Slated For A July 14th Release Date.


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