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Laughs and Horror in ‘Werewolf Haiku’



If you’ve been bitten by the werewolf craze with the popularity of the “Twilight” and Sookie Stackhouse series, you won’t be able to resist sinking your teeth into “Werewolf Haiku“—the latest release by Ryan Mecum, the author of the bestselling “Zombie Haiku” and “Vampire Haiku.”

“Werewolf Haiku” recounts the heartbreaking story of a repressed mailman who slowly loses control of his inner beast after he is bitten by a werewolf. As he wrestles with the monster within, he chronicles his feelings and urges in a haiku journal.

The resulting poems are gross, strange and hilarious. He finds himself waking up in strange places—nude. His dog and his neighbors are disappearing and he discovers bones and other body parts around the house. And now he has the courage to woo a woman on his route who he has been secretly in love with, but as fate would have it, she’s a vegetarian, and he emphatically is not. As his inner beast emerges, wreaking havoc in his life, the man discovers that being a werewolf may actually open up new opportunities in life and love.

Either read inside or click here to see sample pages from “Werewolf Haiku.”

About Ryan Mecum: Ryan Mecum is also the author of Zombie Haiku and Vampire Haiku. He is a fan of many things, including lightning bugs, carneys, comics, scary monsters and Michael Stipe. He is constantly thinking of phrases that fit the 5-7-5 haiku syllable structure and likes to sneak REM quotes into his books. Ryan appeared on the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con “Reading with Brains” panel with Max Brooks, Amelia Beamer and Seth Grahame-Smith. He lives with his wife and children in Cincinnati. More of Ryan’s haiku and a video for his Zombie Haiku can be found at Click the image for preview pages:


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