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‘The Dark Verse’ Podcast Turns Novel in ‘From the Passages of Revenants’!



This morning we caught up with author M. Amanuensis Sharkchild who tells about his long-running horror project entitled The Dark Verse, a much-praised podcast sharing the strange works of Sharkchild with the sole purpose of introducing a unique world of horror and fantasy that will follow you to the visions of your sleep. Each episode consists of a short story written and narrated by Sharkchild. The content of the stories range from demented entities to gross worlds, undead recollections to philosophical and psychological possessions, and twisted, inventive imagery to unhindered terror.

I started the podcast called The Dark Verse back in 2007. Every two weeks or so I write a horror/fantasy short story and then narrate it, putting it up on the web and on iTunes (I have 74 episodes/stories at this point),” he tells Bloody-Disgusting. “Then in 2009 I took the first 26 stories I wrote, had them edited, had my friend create some art, and put it all together in the self-published, hardback book “From the Passages of Revenants (The Dark Verse, Volume I)” (you can order it here; it comes signed!). The book got second place in the category of Horror in the Independent Book Publisher Awards.

You can download all of the episodes on MP3 for free by clicking here, or search for “the dark verse” on iTunes.

DETAILS FOR From the Passages of Revenants (The Dark Verse Vol. I)

Twenty-six short tales of fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleep. The stories in this book have been taken from the episodes of Sharkchild’s podcast, The Dark Verse, and have since been edited and revised. Every copy is signed by Sharkchild.

The cover of the book is imitation leather with foil stamping on the front, back, and spine; there is no dust cover. All three sides of the pages have black dusting. The artwork in its entirety was created by John F. Stifter, including an illustration on the title page of each story.

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