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Album Review: The Last Felony ‘Too Many Humans’

The Last Felony (TLF) are releasing their sophomore effort, ‘Too Many Humans’, today and I’m here to give you a run down of my thoughts on the album! These guys were signed to Lifeforce records earlier this year and if you know anything about Lifeforce, you know what you’re getting into when you pick this album up. But if you don’t and you’re curious to know a bit more, just check after the jump!

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The album starts off with the track, ‘We Are The Future Housing Developments For Maggots’. With a name like that, I hope you realize what you are getting into. This is balls to the wall, blast-beat death metal that doesn’t hide behind any other genre or classification. TLF knows exactly what they are and they stick to it with an almost violent fervor. This track is a pretty good representation of what the rest of the album has to bring: intense guitars with dissonant harmonies, blazingly fast drum work and guttural vocals. I say that is it a pretty good representation as some of the final tracks of the album have ever so slightly more melody and are just a wee bit slower in tempo. However, the differences in these later tracks are not drastic enough to warrant any ‘’second takes’’. 
The production of this album is somewhat tricky: When listening to the album in my car, the drums were overpowering. However, when using high quality headphones, the drums sat very neatly in the mix. In any case, the bass drum was one of my only concerns as it has an incredibly sharp attack that fights with the snare for attention. Otherwise, the drums are well mixed and the cymbals have a satisfying sizzle to them. The panning of the guitars could have been done a bit better as it is hard to distinguish which harmony you are hearing at a given time. The bass is almost nonexistent in this album. I could hear it ever so faintly above the mix at various points, but rarely did it add any noticeable low end. The vocals sometimes, albeit rarely, got buried in the mix. However, they were quick to bounce back out. 
Overall, The Last Felony has put out a very solid album that unfortunately doesn’t really add anything to the genre. If you are a fan of tech-death metal, then you will be extremely satisfied you picked this up. Someone searching for something that pushes the boundaries of the genre needn’t stop here. 
3.5 out of 5 skulls



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